Sep 2, 2008

The Flock

The Flock is a film starring real-life sex pervert Richard Gere who plays an aggressive and eccentric employee of the Department of Public Safety that checks up on sex offenders. Mr. Gere goes by the name of Agent Babbage in the film which is as silly of a name as the man himself. Agent Babbage really hates sex offenders and seems to have some repressed desires. One could even theorize that he may be taking out his impulse for unholy acts on perverts that he may have something in common with.

The ever so boring Claire Danes plays the role of a young female replacement named Allison that has been partnered up with the soon to be retired Agent Babbage. The two agents are as different as two individuals can be thus resulting in expected character conflict. It is not until Ms. Allison realizes that perverts are permanently fucked up people that she loses her naïve leftist idealism. She almost becomes the victim of a pornographer that likes to take pictures of amputated and decomposing body parts.

The Flock is a fairly tame film for it’s subject matter. It doesn’t glorify the grotesque as David Fincher’s overrated serial killer film Se7en does. It also lacks the psychological “depth” of say The Silence of the Lambs. After all, any film featuring Richard Gere can’t be taken too seriously. Mr. Gere hasn't been involved in such a “dark” film moment as The Flock since his friend committed suicide in An Officer and a Gentlemen.

The Flock is easily comparable to any good television show about cops that have to deal with unpredictable deranged individuals. The Flock is a splendid film to watch after eating a cup of strawberry yogurt and a bowl of old bay seasoned Tuna Fish. Serious and action packed melodrama is not to be expected with The Flock. Any film featuring the death of a chipped tooth Avril Lavigne is at least worth a leisurely viewing.

-Ty E


peregrine fforbes-hamilton said...

words and phrases like "pedophile", "sexual deviant", "pervert", and "child molester" will have no meaning 30 years from now, remember "WE" are still living in "THE TIME OF SEXUAL REPRESSION".

jervaise brooke hamster said...

i want to bugger claire danes (as she was in 1994 when she was 15, not as she is now obviously).

willy jerk-off said...

Hey, today (April 12th 2010) is Claire Danes 31st birthday which means shes 13 years past her peak already (or 23 years past if you`re Peregrine Fforbes-Hamilton).

jervaise brooke hamster said...

"MY SO-CALLED LIFE" is the 2nd greatest show in the history of television, only "LOST IN SPACE" is better, its just a shame they were somewhat spoilt by those faggots Ricky and Smith.

otis heterosexual said...

I think Claire Danes and A.J. Langer should both be ashamed of themselves because they married British scum. By the way, its scary to think that when "My So-Called Life" was first shown in `94 Heather had already been gone for 6 years, she would have been perfect for that show with her stunning looks and blonde hair, at 18 she would have also been around the same age as most of the other cast, whenever i watch an episode i always imagine Heather is in it because that makes it even more cultish and magical.