Sep 18, 2008

The Dragon Lives Again

In many religious tomes, the devil has been exemplified as a being of red. A coarse demon with a serpent's tongue and wings. Well, ...Bruce Leong made sure to change that as he starred in a "Brucesploitation" film that depicts the prince of darkness as an aging Jap wearing a lamp shade on his head who might suffer a heart attack if he has crazy active sex.

The Brucesploitation film to end all others, The Dragon Lives Again takes the afterlife philosophy to the next step by adding a rule that once you die, you no longer appear the same. With this in consideration, this allows the film to have Bruce Lee and Popeye the Sailor fight the Exorcist, the Godfather, Clint Eastwood, Zatoichi, Emmanuelle, Dracula, and of course James Bond. In this rabid free-for-all, we have the most absurd ideas put to test on film and the result is gut-busting.

I can't imagine a dubbing so perfect for the ridiculous mood. If I had to use one word to describe this film, It would border the term of being insane. Nothing is against the rules in this cash in to a death that was foreseen due to a curse on the Lee family. Watch as a royal guard uses an abacus to count the Devil King's heart rate as he has sex only to switch to a digital calculator after the sex gets crazier and more rough.

I was taken aback once I saw the action scenes. For a film of low virtue such as itself, the action scenes were impeccable and stand to me what the classics once did. The sound effects were painstakingly raw and reminiscent to the wonderful works of Wu-Tang and co. Each fight scene (Oh and there any numerous) features a "signature move" from the departed as he "Fist of Fury's" his way out of a tight spot.

The Dragon Lives Again is a callous attempt at cashing in at a stars death. but for these reasons, It remains one of the greatest accidental spoofs ever committed to film. There is no way in hell I couldn't recommend this film anymore. It is worth every dollar and I promise you, you will laugh. Mark my words.



Anonymous said...

Right off the bat with a boner joke. This film is chop-sockey surrealism at its finest! And I'd still take this piss-bottle version of OO7 over Daniel Craig.

Alec Pridgen said...

Wow, someone actually saw this movie and actually wrote a review for it. Much like Wolverine in 'X-2,' I was wrong in thinking that I was unique.

I'm glad you loved this movie as much as I did. It is just The intro that has the characters wrong, Dracula in daylight and freaking Popeye. I wish more people knew about this movie.

It is crap, but the best kind.