Sep 14, 2008

Death Racers

If you have any knowledge of The Asylum's stature in the film industry, you can already call this a dud from miles away. For the people who are new to the term "The Asylum", what they are is a California based company that specializes in low-budget horror. Their defining characteristic is that every film sans a couple are "rip-offs" of a current Blockbuster in theaters. This time, they took Death Race and added Insane Clown Posse to the mix.

The plot is never important with these films; it's like multiple choice. Take a shattered government which consists of 4 people in suits in a back room with a flag in the background. This is our government and it is in danger. Some greasy guy is manufacturing Sarin gas to release into a water supply so they form a Battle Royale II stolen scheme to have people race to kill the man known as Reaper. There are also explosive devices lined in the base of the head. Hmmm....

The headliner of this film and all around product placement is the music and fan base of horrorcore rappers Insane Clown Posse. They inject their horribly shoddy discography into the film at every scene so there isn't a moment that goes by when you don't hear clowns rapping in the background about Juggalo's and Shangri-La. Just goes to show that some things refuse to change. I could go on about my opinions on ICP but this is a review on the film, not the nature of the band.

The racers are an obnoxious bunch. Mexican perverts (Is there any other kind?), bimbo dykes, a military duo, and the killer clowns. It is their mission to stop Reaper and save the world. Somehow, they've incorporated some point system for killing prisoners that wander the grounds. The films plot holes run rampant as nothing is explained. Death Racers is a mess. There is violence present but has no substance. It is immature, shoddy, and thinks that putting stars (to some) in a film will boost ratings and fans. This may be true, but lets hope fans of ICP and film alike can see this film for the cesspool it is. If you don't like ICP, avoid this film like the plague.



davis j. borderline urinary incontinence said...

true, this film was appalling but its still a hundred times better than anything that the british film industry has ever produced.

teddy crescendo said...

i wholeheartedly agree with mr. incontinence, the british film industry is an abomination that must be destroyed with malice-a-fore-thought and extreme prejudice, LONG LIVE THE ASYLUM.