Sep 14, 2008

David and Lisa

David and Lisa is a touching film about two mentally ill individuals that connect in a mental institution. Although intellectually brilliant, David Clemens suffers from a very severe and debilitating version of obsessive compulsive disorder. He can't stand being touched and has an obsession with trying to control time as he believes time will kill him. David meets his love interest Lisa Brandt upon his entry into the "mental treatment center." Lisa is even worse off than David as she suffers from a split personality disorder and can only speak in rhymes. One could say that David and Lisa is one of the most unconventional love stories ever made.

The main psychiatrist of the mental treatment center is Dr. Swinford, a very patient and understanding man who wants to break David's social fears. He listens to everything David says which fairly often annoys David. David is a very irrationally defensive yet highly intelligent individual. Although intelligent, David lacks the common sense to see the errors of his ways. Dr. Swinford, through various calm methods, starts to enlighten David about his troubles through various calm methods. For Lisa, fixing her mental illnesses seems next to impossible. David decides it's up to him to figure out her "case" as it interests him.

David has a reoccurring dream in which he cuts off people's heads with the hand of a giant clock that he controls. It is up to David to destroy people in time so that they don't destroy him. To David, time is the uncontrollable destroyer and he's trying to figure out how to stop it. He despises all watches and is highly irritated by Dr. Swinford's broken wall clock. To David's surprise, time begins to solve the things that interfered with his life before. Lisa also happens to be a person that he gradually opens up to.

David and Lisa is a film that was released in the United States in 1962. I found the film to be very unordinary and serious for it's time. The film certainly makes One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest seem a little silly. David and Lisa was released over a decade before One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest, yet takes a look at mental illness in a much more serious and dare I say realistic manner. The relationship between David and Lisa is a nice change in the way of cinematic love stories. How many other films have dared to portray a realistic relationship between two less than mentally stable individuals?

-Ty E


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