Sep 16, 2008


Before Edward Furlong was arrested for “freeing lobsters” at a seafood restaurant, he was a rad young fellow. Brainscan is a perfect example of what Furlong could do right when he was still young enough to have a sassy girl attitude. The film follows a lonely teenager (played by Furlong) as he kills people under hypnosis via computer game. Brainscan brings up the ethical question, “Do horror films and video games really promote murder?” I would hope so.

Brainscan made it’s debut when America was still under the spell of grunge. Judging from the wardrobe of the actors and the film’s music (I.e. Mudhoney), Brainscan was meant to cater to the teenage audience of that time period. Edward Furlong’s character seems a hybrid of “grunge” and “metal” style. As any good American teenager, he has posters of Iron Maiden’s Eddie plastered all over his walls. If only heavy metal had influenced as many murderers as the degenerate human garbage rappers have.

A wiseass demon looking guy by the name of “Trickster” is the main character of the computer game Brainscan. This exaggerated widows peak sporting fellow spends his time trying to influence teenagers to kill. Trickster is charismatic and cunning, yet out of date. Edward Furlong is enraged with Trickster for “tricking” him into one murder after another. Only the son of Satan would influence a teenager to play violent videogames. But since when did the son of Satan dress so gothic yet colorfully gay?

The young videogame playing fellow of Brainscan also has his eyes on a young lady. He watches her through his window like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window. The difference between Furlong and Stewart’s “peeping tom” behavior is that I could actually see Stewart involved in such voyeuristic activities. The young lady makes sure to flaunt her breasts at the budding Edward Furlong. I am sure many American teenage girls of that time period would have done the same thing.

Brainscan is a fun film that offers a little bit of horror and a little bit of laughs with a nice music jingle. For anyone that enjoys vintage video games and tacky early 90's style, Brainscan is the film to watch. The film has an out of place dreamlike quality throughout, and that is something I can appreciate. Most horror comedies (or whatever you want to call them) are complete filth, but Brainscam is a diamond in vomit.

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

this looks awesome! i gotta see this one

the posturing (and admittedly rather irritating) little popinjay. said...

if the devil is a pansy he must be destroyed, however, if he is heterosexual he should be allowed to go on causing major problems for the human race for the next 10,000 years, that should put into context just how much i hate and despise faggots and how much i respect heterosexuality.