Sep 29, 2008

Black Rage

I welcome cinematic oddities with open arms. Anything outside of conventions, I will take in under my loving wing. Sometimes, you got to learn how to just say no to films. Today, I'm spitting in the face of a film called Black Rage. As cunning and nonsensical the plot is, there should have been more to it or at least some of this promised Negro fury. I wanted to see a slave thug out into his societal standpoint of the present. All I got was the white director playing an "albino nigger".

Chris Robinson served as the director, co-writer, and star of this film also known as Charcoal Black. The storyline was in print. 2 black men uncover a entirely illegible treasure map consisting of tiny bones which serve no purpose. When their Bronson-looking "massa" takes the map from them, the white black guy charges him, steals the map, and takes his black brother on a quest through a swamp to uncover hypothetical treasure.

If you haven't figured it out by now, this screenplay wholly resembles the Coen Brother's film O Brother, Where Art Thou ? which was based on a poem entitled The Odyssey. I can agree personally with the Coen's adaptation but I frown infinitely upon Robinson's attempt. While scavenging for information regarding this film, I stumbled upon an iMDB review stating that his friend got ill from watching this film. Funny, I fell asleep in the credits and woke up with a migraine.

In the end, I was in a hallucinogenic haze. I didn't know where I was or who I was. More importantly, the only thing that I could remember was the ending of this film, or lack thereof. They do not find the treasure, his white "nigger brother" was killed in an extremely pussified shootout that went as far as to calculating reload times and slave and master form some form of cinematic bond which would be more controversial than Song of the South. All in all, this film struck me as a wannabe blaxploitation film that tried too hard to integrate races and cease conflicts.

For a self-proclaimed adventure film, not much goes on. This has almost zero entertainment value. You visually peruse through the characters attempting to find some golden detail you missed but it all falls flat. None of these characters are appealing, none of the action is entertaining, and the racial boundary it attempts to flutter over never existed. Whiteface it isn't. Just some crusty old white guy. How disappointing.


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