Sep 5, 2008

Bagman - Profession: Meurtrier

Bagman - Profession: Meurtrier
(Which I will call Bagman for short) is an extremely low budget splatter short filmed in Quebec. This title would always come up to me at very weird times and it felt natural to view it, but I refused due to hard drive space issues. Finally, In a creepy fit of Déjà vu, I gave in and downloaded this film immediately.

I went into this trivial film experience only expecting a lot of horrible murder effects, ones that I have grown oh so tired of. It makes more than just blood to motivate my psyche into enjoying a film and thankfully, Bagman has not disappointed me in the slightest. Bagman isn't just a simple gore film, It's a loud-mouth screwball comedy with insane amounts of limbs featuring awesome action choreography. I don't think I could have been more surprised then I was.

Bagman's glorious introduction reminds me a lot of Sheitan and Versus. Take a group of French would-be gang bangers and thugs, then just throw these inconsiderate bastards in a hell storm of murder and mayhem. A woman who survived a previous Bagman incident is hit by a car full of white "thugs", upon their inspection of her body, she jumps up babbling about Bagman coming after her. She mention that you cannot say Bagman's name 3 times. This of course, happens.

Gangsta backup is soon called when Bagman appears which results in the most zany fight scene I've ever seen. Each exquisite and over the top death is better than the last, resulting in unrivaled mayhem and entertainment. The production values on Bagman were surprisingly fit as well. I expected a film that had the feel of Violent Shit, which is how the film is described, but no! We're treated to a fresh HD-looking slasher addition which is finally getting its own full-length sibling.

Bagman is an exercise in good taste, concerning horror that is. Originality is fine and all, but I'd much prefer something that works over a film that is drowning it its own excess. If you like any of the following: Gore, intestines, gratuitous gang banger slaughterings, screaming, arterial spray, dismemberment's, stabbings, hackings, or plain ole' dark comedy, Bagman is a must see.


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