Aug 15, 2008

The Wizard of Gore (2007)

Another remake of a classic Herschel Gordon Lewis film in the early 2000's. The first remake effort was 2001 Maniacs which remarkably turned out to be an extraordinarily entertaining splatter fest with a great cast topped off with a role from Giuseppe Andrews. This one features a starring role from personal favorite Crispin Glover as Montag the Magnificent as he shreds his way through "gothic" bitches.

An extremely "noir" journalist begins to suspect foul play when a magic show used to horrify audiences, by slaughtering Suicide Girls only for them to reappear fine, takes a horrifying turn when the victims show up dead by ways of similar deaths. All of this leads to a horrifying conclusion that things may not be how they seem.

Lead by an all star cast of Brad Dourif, Jeffrey Combs, Kip Pardue, Crispin Glover, and Bijou Phillips, The Wizard of Gore is another re imagining of a classic that tends to out-produce the originals talent. I love the misogynist that Glover acts through the duration of the film. His stern voice, dominating stage presence, and fierce T-Bird hair-do gives him an irrevocable stature that only adds to his larger than life ego.

Kip Pardue (The queer from Remember the Titans) plays a trust-fund sapping, tattooed journalist. He frequently has anxiety attacks and grows quite fond of a brown lunch bag used to alleviate stress. Brad Dourif turns a role as a man named Mr. Chong. Due to the name and the haggard appearance of Dourif, I assumed it was played by Tommy Chong. Appearances can be deceiving, and that brings me back to the storyboard of the film. This film wasn't without its faults. Much of Kip's dialogue was forced and the only real acting credit goes to Mr. Glover. As comforting as the film is, it's common to find yourself groaning as Kip tries to be a bad ass dude over the edge.

Parts of the film remind me of Naked Lunch mixed with Funny Man. An incredibly dashing film that features sadistic violence, lots of Suicide Girls in the nude (Which may or may not be a bad thing), and Crispin Glover playing another horror role for money to fund his own art projects. Suffice to say, Crispin Glover admitted to not watching the film in its entirety. A bold man and a bold film. The Wizard of Gore is another great remake contender with an interesting premise which climaxes with a "twist".


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Alec Pridgen said...

I really wanted to love the film. As a whole, I merely liked it.

The ending was good...and then it kept going. I could follow it at first, but got lost after a while. That is not to say that the original has a great ending either though.

If you love absurdity and misogynous behavior, then you'll love it.