Aug 15, 2008

Truck Turner

I remember thinking to myself one day as I browsed the action section at Suncoast, "Holy fuck! The Godfather of Soul is in a blaxploitation film?!"About a year later, full of procrastination, Isaac Hayes passed away without me seeing his film. I was devastated and vowed to finally view Truck Turner via Netflix, and it does not disappoint.

Isaac Hayes plays Mac "Truck" Turner, an ex-football star turned skip tracer. After killing a local pimp, name of Gator, the whole criminal underworld has their eyes set of Trucks head for a vengeful hoe. Along with random jive talking assassins, a kingpin named Blue is looking to seal the fate on the soulful black bullet.

Now if there is one thing that Isaac Hayes would never be horrible at, it would be an actor. If you've ever listened to his amazing music, you feel a vibrancy of funky soul pulsing up your veins. He can project massive surges of emotions in any media or art form he touches. Truly a man with a gift. In most blaxploitation films, when a love scene boils down, things aim to get intimate but end up looking goofy. Isaac Hayes doesn't front about his love-making abilities.

Nor does he front on the size of his gun. Isaac Hayes was built for action cinema. His large build frightens feeble white boys and allows him to put maximum force behind his fist in order to beat the shit out of women. Isaac Hayes created a character with such assertiveness that it scares me. A bold player without pimping, Mac Turner is a fine role model for black audiences. A much more suitable one than Dolemite.

The climax of the film lingers with such a profound melancholy that the silence of the scene will have you flabbergasted. Isaac Hayes is a fierce warrior with a handgun. He is correcting the streets and promoting his therapy of Hot Buttered Soul. I will admit that Truck Turner starts out slow, but damn if it doesn't pick up and deliver a blaxploitation classic instantly. R.I.P. Isaac Hayes. I hope you're pimp-smacking some fine ass angel hoes in heaven.


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