Aug 25, 2008

No Mercy for the Rude

At the top 10 of each genre lies at least one Korean film. With me, it is an escalated science. Koreans take ingenious ideas and with that, forge myth with matter in lines of technical aspects, thus creating a potent story backed mostly by stunning visuals. Ha-kyun Sin - Korean actor of personal favorite Save the Green Planet! - stars in the almost comedy that is No Mercy for the Rude.

No Mercy for the Rude concerns a single man who is the highlight of our story. He grows up as a mute due to a genetic disfigurement leaving him with a short tongue. In order to save up for tongue surgery, he becomes a die hard assassin whose strict moral code leaves him only killing rude people. As one's mind might wonder about who deserves the label "rude", the film should be retitled No Mercy for Thugs.

Our character is a cold soul. One who kills with out mercy, and one who strives to be a matador. The hypocrisy kicks in once this "rude" killer starts assassinating people, laying his swift knife of judgment upon anyone he disapproves of. The film feels like a three-part saga much like this years The Signal. The first half is a funny and uplifting comedy. The middle is like a scorching family drama, and the climax is a saddening trial of love, left with an ending worthy of The Believer's fame.

The scene-stealer here isn't the aptly named mute assassin Killa, but his colleague in crime who is disappointingly unnameable. Blame it on the translation issues, not me. His friend and partner is a once Ballet student who has used his old style of dance to elevate his sword & dagger play to a dangerous level, and in turn he creates an art form out of killing, whereas our Killa just thrusts knives into chests.

No Mercy for the Rude is by no means perfect. It transcends the line between good and great and nestles in it's own place. This film has a bold flavor. Whether you crave and accept it is your choice. This film at least comes recommended for the hilarious introduction and the somber ending.


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