Aug 7, 2008

Men, Heroes, and Gay Nazis

Men, Heroes, and Gay Nazis is a captivating and sometimes hilarious documentary that would offend both members of GLAAD and the German National Democratic Party (NPD). Gay Nazis (both historically and contemporarily) are not a group that Holocaust promoters want people to know about. It is just not a good thing to advertise these taboo facts when trying to gain sympathy and money for “discriminated” groups. Men, Heroes, and Gay Nazis makes the claim that 10%-15% of German Neo-Nazis are homosexuals. German filmmaker and gay rights activist Rosa von Praunheim directed this documentary that MTV doesn’t want you to see.

The Neo-Nazis featured in Men, Heroes, and Gay Nazis are for the most part very nice guys. Director Rosa von Praunheim stated of the subjects featured in the documentary, “Some may be shocked that I do not take a stand in my film and do not portray gay neo-Nazis as monsters, but as people living their lives in dramatic contradiction.” Thankfully, von Praunheim didn’t cower to the mainstream pressures of “condemning” the gay Nazis as deranged monsters. Instead, he allows the viewer to simply observe statements by the pink Nazis so you can makeup up your own mind about the material. I am sure one of the gay Neo-Nazis really offends viewers when he mentions that liberals love multiculturalism because they don’t have to travel to fuck people of different races.

Men, Heroes, and Gay Nazis also goes into detail about some of the original Nazi members that were openly gay. SA leader Ernst Röhm was notorious for heavy drinking and sending off storm troopers to stomp in the faces of communists. Sadistic homosexual Edmund Heines, Röhm’s deputy in the SA, is said in the documentary to have had set-up his own special concentration camp so he could torture and kill victims for pleasure. Maybe holocaust museums should think about putting up displays featuring Heines and his barbarous legacy.

Edmund Heines

Apparently Nazi regalia and costumes are really big in the gay community in a nonpolitical way. The documentary features a skinhead discussing how some homosexuals enjoy role playing where one partner plays the “Nazi” and the other plays the “Jew” during a rape scenario. Men, Heroes, and Gay Nazis also features a gay group registered by the government that dresses up in military clothing and has outdoor orgies. It’s hard not to laugh during these segments of the documentary. Especially when it features a young skinhead simulating masturbation as he reads Mein Kampf.

Men, Heroes, and Gay Nazis
is an interesting documentary that proves that truth is always stranger than fiction. Whether it be a Neo-Nazi that was jailed for years just for disputing details regarding the Nazi holocaust in Nazi Germany or a Neo-Nazi that hates Islamic foreigners because they are homophobic, the documentary features a wealth of thought provoking and unconventional material. Rosa von Praunheim proves that all gay rights activists aren’t just whiny weaklings that further propagate gay stereotypes. Maybe one day historians will finally find conclusive evidence regarding Adolf Hitler’s questionable sexuality. Would the gay rights groups blame his actions on being persecuted?

-Ty E

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Fox said...

Thank you again for giving exposure to films that I would otherwise have never hear of... especially on a topic such as this.

A film like this - in an extreme manner, mind you - exposes how silly it is when people identify themselves as strictly ideologically this or that. People on the left accuse people on the right of thinking in black-and-white terms, yet the left does it just as frequently. (ie "By definition, a conservative can't be a homosexual and a liberal can't be a homophobe".)

I find that one Nazi's mention of multiculturalism to be funny and sad, b/c he misconstrues what multiculturalism is. It's not about race, but about the lack of assimilation from an immigrant culture. That guy gives people with real concerns about out-of-control multiculturalism (ex: British judges giving credence to Sharia law in domestic court cases) a bad name. Much like what homosexual activists would be worried that the gay Nazis would do to theirs.