Aug 10, 2008

Judea Declares War on Germany

Judea Declares War on Germany is an ultra offensive documentary created by Australian Dr. Frederick Töben of the Adelaide Institute. Mainstream media and “scholars” have vilified both Töben and the Adelaide Institute as “holocaust deniers.” Mr. Töben has spent his career attempting (and in some ways succeeding) to debunk certain facts and details centered around what today is called “the holocaust.” Töben’s low budget documentary Judea Declares war on Germany takes an in depth look at Dr.Töben’s findings. Since “the holocaust” is a faith and dogma based historical event, Dr. Töben has decided to take a critical look at all the facts surrounding the only historical event that Europeans are forced to believe to the very least detail by law. Dr. Töben (and other historians) has been jailed for this research.

It is no surprise that Judea Declares War on Germany has been banned in many parts of the world. The documentary features the swimming pools, post office, library, theaters, and other luxury services provided by the Germans at Auschwitz “Death Camp.” The documentary also goes into detail about how international Jewry declared war on Germany in 1933 via global boycott which cutoff 2/3 of Germany’s food supply (which was imported). No wonder why citizens of Israel have compared Judea Declares War on Germany to “pornography” and “pedophilia.” After all, the Israelis should know as they (and their international brothers) are the biggest producers (and promoters) of both porn and it’s underage illegal molested stepbrother (kiddy porn).

Footage of a real NAZI DEATH CAMP during World War II

The reality of “the holocaust” is that any research done on it contrary to the “Russian” Bolshevik postwar propaganda is automatically labeled anti-Semitic, denying the holocaust, and Nazis. Ad Hominem's attacks are very typical of modern academia and it’s "scholarly" supporters. Faith has always been more powerful than the actual facts. In the documentary, Dr. Töben visits the most barbaric of the death camps and talks to experts on the methods used by the Nazis to exterminate Jews. Dr. Töben also brings up how international Jewry tried to claim that 6 million Jews were exterminated in 1919 after World War 1. Jewish prophecies in the Torah claim that 6 million Jews are supposed to “vanish” before the state of Israel can be established. That being said, without the holocaust Israel would have never been recognized as a Jewish state in 1948. This is in despite the fact that most of the original Zionists founders of Israel are atheist Jews that base Judaism on “Jewish blood” and not religious beliefs. Essentially, “the holocaust” and the “six million dead Jews” are a kabbalistic (and scriptural) reasoning for the existence of Israel.

Dr. Fredrick Töben

Historians should never cease studying and critically researching historical events. This should be especially true for historical events that are promoted everyday on MTV commercials, Hollywood movies, and are forced parts of the curriculum in American public schools (despite Jews making up only 2 % of America‘s population). After viewing Judea Declares War on Germany, I can see that it is easily more scholarly (despite it’s lack of production values) than most documentaries and books I have read on “the holocaust.” The media has done a great job portraying international Jewry as the eternal passive “victim” despite how Israelis shoot Palestinian children like it’s target practice on a daily basis. It’s odd how the same people that promote the official “holocaust” story also promote drug use, pornography, abortion, materialism, hedonism, greed, ignorance, and weakness. Hollywood really is full of a bunch of virtue promoting do-gooders.

Judea Declares War on Germany is an interesting documentary that I recommend for anyone looking to see that other side of the argument. Dr. Töben does not try to “deny” the holocaust. He merely argues with the Soviet invented details centered around it. I can’t say I agree with everything featured in the documentary, but I most surely don’t believe in the Hollywood version of the “holocaust” either. Especially considering the “liberating” allies killed up to 11 million (4 million ethnically cleansed throughout eastern Europe, 5 million starved to death in occupied Germany, and 2 million soldiers died in slave labor captivity) Germans after World War 2 and then boast about morals. Around 72 million people (the majority being civilians) died in World War 2, yet we are only expected to recognize 6 million. Funny how World War II caused the destruction of Europe (all empires and nations fell) and the birth of Israel. World War II really had a nice monetary and power return for those notorious international bankers.

Watch Judea Declares War on Germany

-The Ghost of Varange


who+dares+wings said...

Check this video narrated by Fredrich Toben out. It's the goofiest thing I've ever seen about the "Big H" and I'm a stone skeptic. Be sure not to to try this yourself at home unless you have a friend dressed up in a lab coat and stethoscope playing the doctor role. Are these fearless "gastranauts" supposed to be at Auschwitz? Come on Fred! I was born at night, but not last night.

Anonymous said...

So, it's the wrong thing to present the truth? An actual historical event?

Jews and their cohorts, still seek, refuse to look at the truth. It's painful, but facre it: Your own leaders, and rabbis, were responsible for your suffering, and THEN, left you, the grassroots to suffer it. The one's responsible, the rich, the bankeers, the corporate owners, the rabbis, left the "ship to sink." They sat back there in their bank Boardrooms, and financed both the Allies and the Axis, FOR MONEY.

At any rate,

- The "Holocaust" is used to distract people from the Jews historic crime, most importantly the Bolshevik Revolution, Purges, Famines and Communist Slave States.


2- And it's used to distract / obscuscate the criminal activities, of Israel - TODAY !

The PALESTINIAN GENOCIDE- still going on- & Israle's outright provocation on it's neighbors to war- Israel's push of the U.S. to war agains IRAN.

In fact, the "holocaust" is a moot point!

Tell me if it isn’t true, however, that the jewish leaders, and rabbis, declared war on Germany FIRST – and BEFORE Hitler! Didn;’t you know that?

Read: “Judea Declares War on Germany.”

It was your leaders that promulgated this on you, jewish common folk, and then left you, the grassroots, to suffer.

This continual pushing of “guilt’ on the rest of the world is just unconscionable. How long are you going to keep on?

And in fact, it was this country, the soldiers of the U.S, that took your “chestnuts of the the fire.”

The world wasn’t responsible for your misery. And it certainly, isn’t responsible today.

It's time for you, jews, to acknowledge, that every single culture and people in the world, has suffered what you did, at one time or another. And some still do, like the Native Americans and the Australian Tribals.

It’s time for you to leave your religious insularity behind you, and just consider that you are simply a Human Be-ing on this planet, and a Terran, like everybody else.

Gnostic Rebel