Aug 19, 2008

Johnny Sunshine: Maximum Violence

Ah, what do you know? A surprise Brain Damage film. When I read the plot and saw the cover art, I felt some sort of promise wash over my body. Half way into hating the film, I discovered that it is a Brain Damage film so my disappointment is instantly explained. It doesn't make me want to cry anymore. Rather than having an interesting vision, the director tries to fuse elements from Carlton Mellick III novellas and The Running Man.

Johnny Sunshine is a female snuff performer and zombie killer who entertains her boss Max, with snuff films . The city was walled up three years after a zombie epidemic and the scum is on the outside of the walls. After filming a couple of horrible implausible torture scenes, the tables turn when her boss conspires to put an end to Johnny for the ultimate snuff film.

Johnny Sunshine opens up very stylishly with animated caricatures that litter the screen. If they were aiming for a comic book feel to the opening, they succeeded, but that's all that really works other than the occasional brutal effect and the wonderful scarce nudity. I think this is the first Brain Damage film I've seen that has nudity. For a company specializing in "UNRATED" films, you'd think they'd exercise that freedom a tad bit more.

My main problem, other than the horrible cinematography, is the main character Johnny. The dialogue is forced to sound like a neo-noir dame from hell and fails miserably. I don't mind the occasional female warrior, but I'd like the essence of stage presence, let alone a decent actress. Johnny Sunshine could have been better played by Will Ferrel in drag. At least then the character would fit the retarded spasms of generation X techno.

I chose not to finish this film for several reasons. The very idea of life existing outside a shelled in city is hard enough to believe, but for them to have working power and a very nice desktop in which they frequently smoke and enjoy many other luxuries is beyond me. Now I know, "You can't expect a film to be realistic. Especially when it has to do with zombies!" You're right. But I hated 10,000 B.C. for the same reasons and look how better off I am.

Johnny Sunshine: Maximum Violence is a failure as a bizarro film in general. It is bacteria in a cesspool, converging other ideas into some scum fuck film project that probably could be directed by a 12 year old with a taste for Friday the 13th films. Other than the random breast shot, this film is completely worthless and a waste of time. I went past my tolerance at the 45 minute mark. I for one fear that you will beat my high score. Avoid this film like the plague.



Anonymous said...

I actually liked Shey Bland, the actress who played Johnny Sunshine. I also thought the film ALMOST redeemed itself at the end. Almost, but not quite. It has promise that it never fully delivers on, being too busy with its snuff film angle.

I'm not as harshly disposed toward the filmmakers as you are--I see some potential here, and I am actually curious to see what they might do next, with some experience under their belts--but I am also in agreement with your review.

(I almost stopped the film at the crowbar rape scene.)

Soiled Sinema said...

Now I can see where the line might have been crossed.
I don't dispose the quality of the film maker more so than I dub the film utter trash.