Aug 18, 2008

Heavenly Creatures

Good sadistic lesbian films are hard to come by. This is especially true in regards to high school girls. The French lesbian featured in Alexandre Aja’s High Tension made me want to vomit. I wasn’t surprised to find out that the blonde bull dyke with a crew cut was also a bit schizophrenic. For a notable fantastic yet deranged lesbo flick, one needs to turn to Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures. The film stars a very young Kate Winslet who befriends (among other things) a loser fat girl.

The unflattering looking and trollish Peter Jackson directed Heavenly Creatures before CGI special effects unfortunately caught his fancy. Heavenly Creatures combines fantasy, comedy, and horror for an unsettling experience of unconventional sorts. It makes one wonder why Peter Jackson would bother with a remake of King Kong (other than the monetary return). Heavenly Creatures is a film about an unholy relationship that is constantly interrupted by unpleasant situations (like tuberculosis). By the end of the film, the two ambiguous lovers prove they will do anything to keep their bond.

Heavenly Creatures is based on the real life true crime case of Parker-Hulme. I won’t go into anymore detail, but it involves sexual perversity and blood. I don’t know about the real Juliet Hulme, but Kate Winslet has an amazing performance as an eccentric young lady that is a little too smart for her own good. Melanie Lynskey also does a good job playing the young ogre school girl Pauline Parker. I watched in disgust every time I saw Parker on screen.

Out of all Peter Jackson’s films, I believe Heavenly Creatures to be the most ambitious. The film does an exceptional job of coming in and out of dreams. The two schoolgirl friends in Heavenly Creatures aren’t the most normal of girls and Peter Jackson’s directing skills demonstrate that. Peter Jackson also gives respect to Carol Reed’s The Third Man and Mr. Orson Welles. I wouldn’t be surprised if Peter Jackson was in the middle of a Federico Fellini marathon during the production of Heavenly Creatures. The film certainly brought me to another world.

-Ty E

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eggs, bacon, chips, sausage, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms said...

i`ve never been able to understand the popularity of kate winslet, as far as i`m concerned she`s a load of old rubbish, and i`ve never understood why this film has always been held in such high regard, i was just about able to sit through it once (about 12 years ago) and i thought it was hogwash.