Aug 20, 2008

Harsh Times

I think Christian Bale is a swell guy. No other mainstream contemporary actor has the ability to play such charismatic sociopaths and psychopathic roles. Recently Bale was arrested for “verbally abusing” both his mother and sister. We live in a pretty pussy world when a man can get arrested for his words. Christian Bale’s character Jim Davis in Harsh Times certainly wouldn’t tolerate such weak authoritarian filth.

Jim Davis has a few problems. A war veteran from Afghanistan, Jim has seen people butchered and has done a little killing himself. He now lives in Los Angeles and hopes to get his Mexican girlfriend to the U.S. so they can get married. Jim is a gringo that is only friends with Hispanics. He isn’t afraid of them either as demonstrated when he puts a few bullets in a group of them. What else is a disgruntled war vet with extreme post traumatic stress syndrome supposed to do when he can’t get a job?

Are Jimmy and Mikey more than just friends?

Jim’s best friend is a little Latino guy by the name of Mike Alonzo (played by Freddy Rodriguez). Mike's pair of family jewels aren't nearly as big as Jim's. After seeing an old Mexican in a bar get stabbed in the throat with a broken bottle, little Mikey becomes very traumatized and disturbed. Jim, on the other hand, becomes very excited about this event as if he had just won a bowling tournament. During the end of Harsh Times, the men's friendship is challenged with a series of disturbing and violent events courtesy of Jim‘s minor mental problems. After all, Jim is a soldier of the apocalypse and Freddy is just a little Latino that lives off of his sugar mama.

Harsh Times is a surprisingly brutal, violent, and even nihilistic film. Christian Bale’s performance in the film is one of his best. It is a shame that both this film and Bale’s performance have been buried under a pile of other Hollywood garbage. Seeing as films featuring Hispanic Gangsta's and other degenerates are so popular, Harsh Times should be notorious for fans of such material. I guess having a white guy as the toughest character in the film and actually having a well thought out film doesn’t go too well with Cholos, Wiggers, and other homeboys.

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

I'll be honest. I couldn't sit through this film. I did not finish it. It wasn't bad, but the characters were so obnoxious and idiotic, I felt like putting bullets through their heads the entire time they were on screen.

Bobby said...

I thought this was a great film. Bale and Rodriguez both gave excellent performances, especially Bale. His character definitely lives on and occasionally over the edge but you always feel some sympathy for him. He's the friend you would never want to give up on unless you had no other choice.

Excellent review.

Phantom of Pulp said...

Your review cuts to the quick.

Excellent film.

Too rational for Hollywood, though, and most filmgoers.