Aug 31, 2008

Capitaine X

You might have seen one of the original series of filth - the infamous Guinea Pig. Now if you know anything about these films, you will know that 87% of the series is complete shite that has little to no entertainment value. Hell, without the violence, this series would be nothing; even more shallow than it already is. He Never Dies is one of those incredibly horrible Guinea Pig films.

If I could reward that film with one merit, it would be its set-up and plot. A man who cannot die would only further a story due to immortality, am i right? Jan Kounen (Vessel driver for Vincent Cassel. Ultimate props) directed this short with the intent to create a full length film out of it. Capitaine X (1994) concerns a prisoner who is about to be executed by a roughneck group of insane soldiers.

Or at least that is what should have happened. Instead, the man continues to breathe and live through this horrible debacle thus using the many insecurities these men holster against them in a decadent battle for sanity. Which side would win is the ultimate debate. Would you rather wake up after getting shot in the head or witness an immortal as his eyes swell with hatred which could only result in a bloodbath.

The director uses a first person perspective the entire film and treats it like a fashion statement. This preemptive decision resulted in a massive increase for originality and entertainment factor. I can't imagine this film without that distinctive "through the eyes" feel. The acting is the other factor that rockets this film from cheap DIY into an excellent category of horror and sadistic comedy.

Capitaine X (Born to Die) is a premature gem crafted from a talented French director. I can only imagine Capitaine X translating into Captain X. Perhaps if we ever do see a full length version, our somber mute character will don a costume and use his invincibility to fight evil Germans in a pulp comic book saga.


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