Aug 6, 2008

The Bitch is Back

Never would I have thought I would be having so much with a short little Dutch film. The Bitch is Back. The title reminds me of an early John Cusack film. The plot line takes a morose and quirky turn as a perverted lone service worker is stalked by his blow-up doll while she attempts to brutally murder him while quoting popular movie lines. It's like watching Schramm, like any normal cinephile would, and then witness that torso sex doll flip over and massacre the already fated killer then and there.

Essentially, the film is one big experimental pun. Say the doll picks up a corded phone in a vain attempt to squeeze the life out of you. The doll would then rasp "E.T... phone home." That's the way the film works and manages to vastly entertain with each individual pleasantry. I wasn't expecting much. Perhaps a Z grade schlock fest that can be hardly called entertaining. What I was hand delivered, was in fact the camp film of the decade.

There isn't much to this film other than a tacky premise and suspenseful situations. Things get down and dirty as the man fights for his life against a blow up doll. Keep in mind, this doll seems to be made of metal. Watch as it headbutt's him, breaking his nose on impact. These increasingly noticeable flaws are easily overshadowed by the plot at hand. I mean, how often do you see a film like this?

The Bitch is Back is a pop-culture slaughter smörgåsbord. A film that is the complete opposite of what I Love the 80's is. Not the best short film I've ever seen, nor does it compete, but it made me feel two things - suspense and humorous. No film is sacred. The Exorcist, E.T., The Shining; all classics of all genres are explored leaving room for many moods. I want this bitch to be back...for a big-budget sequel.



jervaise brooke hamster said...

the exorcist is a masterwork but i`ve always thought E.T. and the shining were both ludicrously over-rated.

Mary said...

Hello! I've found you site thanks to Google and I think it's awesome. Do you know where I can download this short film? I'd love to see it since I enjoyed Schramm but I live in Argentina so I figure it's going to be difficult to get it.
Thanks so much!