Aug 17, 2008


A normal aesthetic of a thriller is the feeling of paranoia and uneasiness. Awake works in such a flawed way that it morphs from trife Hollywood garbage into a semi-decent film fare halfway into the movie. If you believe for a second that Anakin Skywalker's acting has improved, you might as well cash your chips in now. It's still horribly wooden.

Awake stars the moody-eyed Christiansen as a billionaire playboy. His role is such that you couldn't distinguish the fact that he owns half the city. His character is predominately created to humanize the greedy corporate scum and he does just that. All he wants is love and life, so when he gets a new heart, he can have both of those with his new wife.

"Five hundred it is!"

His midichlorine count fails him when while getting anesthesia, he finds himself to be a victim of a rare condition called anesthesia awareness, in which you are paralyzed but still possess all sense - including pain. During this ridiculous process, he overhears a nefarious plan to kill him on the operating table being led by his surgeon friend.

Jessica Alba co-stars as the unfairly hot recent blushing bride of business tycoon Annie. She puts up as good of a role as she can when she plays "meat puppet" like most women do in major releases. Not till later does she have the ability to demonstrate acting. Terrence Howard plays his surgeon friend who recently became his best friend. Howard has this rewarding stage presence that saturates each of his roles with this "Hey, this character fucking sucks, but I'm going to make him look good" and he does just that.

Much of Awake literally had me on edge. It made me nervous, frustrated, and perplexed at this rare and curious condition that might have me permanently scared of getting surgery in the near future. Awake is a film that received only moderate success and should be seen by a wider audience. If it weren't for the pseudo-surreal elements tacked in to try and explain the tortured soul he is, this film would have been consistent. I wish these directors would realize what film they are trying to make before initial shooting as to not create a hideous spawn.


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Anonymous said...

I agree whole heartedly with your review. I saw this movie in theatres with a friend and pretty much had a heart attack myself. Not from fear, but from uneasiness.