Aug 5, 2008


Short films have been a recent commodity in my hectic schedule. There is nothing like sitting down for minutes at a time absorbing such potent and ever present emotions that you can't always salvage out of an hour-and-a-half train wreck of a film. Café FX's very own Grzegorz Jonkajtys has used his knowledge of his structured craft to manipulate pixels and textures to create a personal animated barrage of rapid-fire emotions and an apocalyptic tale very dear to my heart.

In a time of an unknown virus which has devastated the human population (Centuries of inter-racial breeding has given us green pigment and Neanderthal facial structures), the last of the human race have piled on an ark which sails the sea's looking for uninhabited land for a new colonization. These foreign chaps always shift the odds of creating a good film out of a tired genre against our land.

Many things happen in this film which I would rather not illustrate. The effect of the film is it's own bold statement. Any one else delivering the feel of this film would be a forgery of all that is grand about cinema. 8 minutes is the checkpoint in this shorter-than-short short. Rather than being its own film, he should have gotten it released through Pixar - they've already hit the critical line in their maturity with Geri's Game.

Unnerving with a realist's viewpoint, Ark (Arka) is a bold step for a first time director. Stunning animation mixed with cleverly articulated backgrounds super-imposed over-top a magnificent story arc. This is as every bit as epic as one would be led to believe. A highly recommended piece of sensitive, yet corrosive adult animation.


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