Aug 19, 2008

Animal Lover

On a long list of filthy films that I had to view, Animal Lover and A Summer's Day were near the top of my list. It was a much needed change to my average review quota of inane horror films exercising extreme brutality that has captivated the Western audience by storm and leaving no room for a decadent change in routine.

Alex de Renzy - creator of Femmes DeSade and Long Jeanne Silver - has created a documentary "documenting" the absurd sexual rite of copulating with animals. He opens quite tediously explaining how it used to be a fad and furthers his trial and error by explaining quite boldly that it's more compliant in women. He more or less calls women inter-species whores which really gave me a chuckle here and there.

This monotone dialogue goes on for what seems to be countless hours until he gets on to interviewing a lone girl who is in the shadows. Her identity has been concealed and de Renzy swears that she has an interesting story to tell. The woman begins a story about how she was a youth living in the US who decides to visit Morocco (I believe) for cheap hash. She explains how she is picked up by a group of Arabs and brought back to a warehouse and forced to repeatedly screw up to 4 guys at a time.

She sobbingly exclaims she switched numerous warehouses and was in circulation for 18 months. The narrator shows no remorse for this girl and presses horrifying questions forcing her to talk about how she had to fellate upon dogs in order to get her freedom. With no money in Morocco, she had to become a prostitute to contact the United States Embassy. While the authenticity of this claim can be argued, it still is indeed monstrous to view a crying girl tell while the narrator pressures her asking very violating questions.

What just was presented was the introduction. The second half of the forty-minute long feature is footage of Bodil "The Boar Girl" Joensen explaining her love for animals and then demonstrating this by, slowly, making love to her domesticated canine. Never in my life have I been as sickened as by what I just saw. I fast-forwarded through this scene in complete disgust. I have no right to judge a soul but honestly, What the fuck!?

Animal Lover has only been shown once in the states. It was shown in seedy cinema's in San Francisco. This of course resulted in a 5 month jail sentence for the theater manager (Or so I'm told). Animal Lover begins with aspirations to be a wealthy documentary, rich with knowledge, but quickly descends into being pure exploitation filth. This is easily passable and outrageously sickening. For a more artful production, A Summer's Day is recommendable, but only if the subject interests you.



Fox said...

You guys never cease to amaze me! What tolerance you have! :)

God... I felt sick reading about you getting sick during the woman/dog scene.

You have definitely take one for the team hear. SOILED SINEMA: We watch stuff so you don't have to!

Soiled Sinema said...

Ever seen a woman perform fellatio on a canine for what seems to be two hours? WHILE capturing the sickening slurps and in-your-face porn shots.


Phantom of Pulp said...

Nice take on ANIMAL LOVER. The still of Bodil with the starring hog is the perfect choice.

I agree that A SUMMER'S DAY is a more artful representation of the Boar Girl.

She certainly was a fascinating gal.

She was also recently documented in the UK doco, The Dark Side of Porn -- The Real Animal Farm. It's an excellent piece of work.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Whats wrong with watching a chick guzzle down a wad of dogs spunk?, its something that i would get really turned on by because i would imagine that i was the dog and the girl was Heather O`Rourke, HEAVEN...SHEER HEAVEN!!!.