Aug 12, 2008

Alpha Dog

Alpha Dog is contemporary crime drama (more like a comedy) directed by son of legendary independent filmmaker John Cassavetes, Nick Cassavetes. Mr. Nick lacks the innovation of his father as Alpha Dog is “stylized” in a similar way of many films of its kind. Alpha Dog is centered around possibly the worst subculture in America; Upper Middle Class wigger drug dealers who think they are “gangsta’s.” The film is based on a real-life crime carried out by play thugs that obviously got in way over their head.

Alpha Dog features an array of actors ranging from baby faced pop singer Justin Timberlake to almost bald action stuntman Bruce Willis. Emile Hirsch, the heartthrob of many teenager American girls, stars as the lame ass drug dealer Johnny Truelove. Truelove and his friend Jake Mazursky (played by Ben Foster) have a falling out which leads to a kidnapping. Jake is a deranged Jewish drug addict who sports an Nazi SS tattoo on his neck which can be seen when he beats a party of people up (including a black woman). Johnny Truelove has no problem calling his friend Jake a “kike” more than once in Alpha Dog.

I find the title Alpha Dog to be comical as none of the “men” in the film are masculine. I have seen bull dyke lesbians that make better “alpha males” than the drug dealing clowns in the film. I found the strongest aspect of Alpha Dog to be the comedic elements which I still don’t know whether they were intentional or not. Unlike the disgusting rich wigger fest Havoc (2005), Alpha Dog has it’s merits in displaying the characters of film as laughably clownish bitches. Sadly, I can see the average teenage white American thinking that the characters featured in Alpha Dog are “bad ass.”

Alpha Dog is far from a serious film that offers two hours of unpretentious entertainment. Like Larry Clark’s Bully, the film presents a “based on a true story” look at the sad specimens MTV “culture” has produced in America. The acting performances are full of character (not the kind you want to emulate) and are consistent throughout. The real Johnny Truelove was the youngest criminal ever featured on America’s Most Wanted. I wonder if he is as big of a turd as the Alpha Dog character version of Johnny Truelove.

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

I have the "Unsolved Mysteries" edition with the true story and the film is pretty faithful to the truth.

It's a serious film, with a serious true story that is almost identical.

Charles said...

This movie was horrible, Ben Foster was the only good thing about it and he just disappeared after that awesome phone call with Truelove