Jul 28, 2008

The Twilight of the Golds

I was flipping through the television and came upon a rather “controversial” film entitled The Twilight of the Golds. The protagonist is played by an extra effeminate Brendan Fraser. The Twilight of the Golds follows a nice reform Jewish family as they come to terms with their gay artistic son David (played by Fraser). David is a Jewish fellow that has an athletic Aryan boyfriend and is anticipating the production of his own rendition of a play by Nazi inspiration Richard Wagner. David makes sure to acknowledge that Mr. Wagner was said to have Jewish blood and the family agrees that “Jewish anti-Semites are the worst.” I recall Larry David also defending the artistry of Richard Wagner against a Zionist extremist in a splendid episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The tragedy that Gold family faces is that David’s sister may give birth to a gay child. David’s sister has a doctor husband who has been doing controversial genetic testing. He cautiously tests his pregnant wife and finds out that the child has a good chance of being a homosexual. The conflicted doctor also has problems with his own family as he was brought up an orthodox Jew. The doctor’s father is outraged by his sons “experiments” alluding to “you know what.” Maybe the orthodox father was thinking about the evil Nazi experimenter of Jewish blood Hans Eppinger.

David almost has a nervous breakdown when he finds out that his sister may abort her gay son. He has yet to be accepted by his liberal Jewish family and this potential abortion is the last straw. David bitches out all his family members and cuts off contact with them bitterly. The Twilight of the Golds brings up questions about humans playing god and accepting gay relatives. How gay.

The Twilight of the Golds is a nice little propaganda film targeted at the sentimental “cultured” crowd. It has all the proper ingredients for those good doer types to confirm that they are making the right choice. Brendan Fraser’s gay artsy look is similar to his outfit in Encino Man. Obnoxious alpha lesbo Rosie O’Donnell also has a supporting role as a woman that can’t have children (surprise?). The Twilight of the Golds is a “progressive” film for today's “progressive” people.

-Ty E

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jervaise brooke hamster said...

Brendan Fraser is a pile of shit.