Jul 15, 2008

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

If you have not seen this film, I want you to do either one of two things. 1) Kill yourself or B) Go buy this now. Without any doubt in my mind, T2 is one of the greatest action films, rivaled only by the likes of the original Die Hard and First Blood. Arnold Schwarzenegger has sealed his place in the action gods hall of fame. Not only is this man a governor, but he also beats women and other various illegal things! Yes!

Following the events of the original Terminator film, the T-800 is sent back, but this time, to protect the young rebel John Conner (Played by a pre-pubescent Edward Furlong.) Not only does this prove to be infinitely challenging when a bad ass T-1000 (Robert Patrick) is sent to destroy him with a morphing body which challenges the kickass-itude of Carnage's ability in the Marvel Universe.

I'm passionate about this film for several reasons. It is the very rare film that can be called an enormous multi-tasker. I laughed, I cried, I was on the edge of my seat, and much much much more emotions were present. T2 (That sounds so perfect) is that one film that was made with a perfect mind for merchandising. 12' Battle Damaged T-800 was among one of the greatest action figures I ever owned.

Robert Patrick (Known for his amazing portrayal as Kogo Shuko in Double Dragon) is the "EVEN MORRRE POWERFUL" villain this time. It must really suck to be the Governator. He is always fighting shit heftier than him, sans Commando. Homosexual ex-partners don't put up much of a challenge. The entire craft of this film is built around several things. Whether it's the annoying as hell voice crackling of Furlong, the astounding soundtrack which perfectly compliments the action, or the menacing T-1000 in all his impaling glory, T2 was, and is, an instant classic.

T2 did indeed win 4 Oscars which is still pretty bizarre to me. Then I watch Three Six Mafia win an Oscar, then it seems completely fine. I remember the nightmare scene of Sarah Conner horrifying me as a child. The instant when flames ravage the playground and incinerate Sarah Conner is enough to make any young child a temporary insomniac.

The visual extravaganza that is T-1000 is executed brilliantly in several scenes. Among my favorite are his hook grips falling on the roadways only to morph into a blob to rejoin the host, and the infamous coffee grabbing security guard scene which made me want to stab people with my fucking arm. Speaking of arms, the props were simply amazing. The O.J. Simpson guy did a wonderful job at sweating and breathing really hard. That's all I can really applaud him on.

T2 is in fact, a timeless film. Most things age well, like wine. I'd love to compare T2 to an aged yet exquisite wine, but T2 does not age. You can watch this film right now, and still be blown away by the effects and a time where action didn't include oriental choreographers teaching everyone Kung-Fu. As John McClane once put it, "Screw all this Kung-Fu bullshit" or something like that. I don't exactly remember cause that film was edited.


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