Jul 23, 2008


Ever received a film that you held off watching cause it looked down-right bland? I did that for about a week and boy, did I make a mistake. Slayer is a low-budget unconventional Vampire action film. My first attempt at watching this film was dead at night. I remember waking up for a brief second only to catch an amazing special effect of a guy launching a knife into a vampire's head. Too bad I blacked out again.


(Compliments to my fabulous artwork)

Ed Puduzzi (Director/Writer/Producer/Actor) has only made a few mistakes when making this film. The main problem is of the most crippling caliber - the generic name which has been handed to a Casper Van Dien film. This might explain why the iMDB rating is so low. People on those forums never seem to think anyways. First off, being filmed on his college campus, the cinematography was fucking beautiful. I mean, stark colors and even an animated flashback. This film surprised the hell out of me.

Eric Carlson is a college student who witnesses a vampire slaying and hides. After a series of events, he is grappled into a web of vampire slayers hiding in a cabin and decides to stay and take the "red pill." You might be thinking what I was thinking - Wanted with vampires. This might be true. The slacker-chic turning a hardcore leaf seems to be the latest craze. Slayer is a dramatic effort with scenes of kick ass action scenes and memorable characters. Though, at times, I secretly believed this film was a marketing campaign for Nintendo products.

The characters ranged from the "loser" to the "long haired goth vampire" but they managed to mix up them pretty well, creating the mute bad ass with a deep love and a homosexual Andy Samberg named Link. (How convenient, The Legend of Zelda was Rose's favorite game) Not only did these characters grace the screen well, but they also left in fashion. The death toll is high and chaotic. I was shocked at several deaths. An encore for keeping me on my toes.

Sound effects were brilliant but some were mismatched. I wasn't too fond of the slicing effects. While I rag on films for using the "schink" effect, It's become a staple for sword fight effects to me. Remember that scene in Irreversible? The fire extinguisher one? Yeah, well the entire film features brutally animated bat-to-face and sledgehammer-to-face scenes. The violence is spectacular and a paralyzed art form. Violence now-a-days is over-sickening glamorized garbage. Puduzzi creates antagonists that cry and breathe. I felt bad for these sick creatures.

Slayer is worth more of your time than you think. It's worth more of my time. I regret not watching this film immediately, but it all works out. A heterodoxic vampire film that not only changes the natural viewpoint of the vampyric myth, but also changes the way we view low-budget action films. If Puduzzi could make this on an independent basis, than it just shows how much modern DIY film makers are slacking. Calm down, Puduzzi. You're making the kids look bad.



Fox said...

"This might explain why the iMDB rating is so low. People on those forums never seem to think anyways."

God bless you for saying that. I can't tell you how many people keep telling me how The Dark Knight is the highest rated film on IMDB now, as if that means it's an ALL-TIMER now.

You're review makes me wanna see it, but I would be lying if the tagline on that poster didn't push me over the edge of curiousity: "WHY BELIEVE IN GOD WHEN YOU CAN BELIEVE IN THE MAN STANDING NEXT TO YOU?"

Soiled Sinema said...

Trust me. I was uber-hesitant about this film, but, I loved it.