Jul 4, 2008


Ah, Jonathan Liebesman. How we hardly knew thee. When I first heard of this short film, I'd figured it was a fan film that turned out to be better than it's own inspiration; No More Souls and Batman: Dead End comes to mind. I was half right, but then I found out he was actually the one behind that horrid piece of Hollywood trash Darkness Falls. He later directed the prequel to the Michael Bay remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Rings was constructed to bridge the gap between The Ring and The Ring Two. Its star is a young kid who enters this cult-like club of video watchers. It seems after the events transpired in the original The Ring, Samara has become a prom queen from hell. It's a tight circle of people who videotape their experiences after watching the tape, then pass it off and have someone else watch their tape. In other words, A giant fucked Russian Roulette via Video tape scenario.

Dreamworks Pictures thought it would also be a great idea to attempt a viral marketing campaign. These prehistoric viral attempts seem amateurish compared to the recent greats with Cloverfield, LOST, and The Dark Knight. I didn't bother browsing the page due to my "I don't give a fuck" attitude towards the series in whole.


Initially, the effects of hysteria designate themselves to be pretty fucking creepy, but on further inspection of my room, I can count multiple rings everywhere. Circles surround us (No pun intended) and it seems more of an exercise in ripping off Uzumaki than anything. Uzumaki had the phobia of spirals and such down long before this shitty series came into play.

Rings is a solid little short that had a shitty ending. I don't like the main character. What started off as a sniveling brat who saw ladders became some fucking asshole who feared death too much that he'd kill people who cared about him. Rings features some great effects trickery (Horizontal drippings forming vertical puddles on walls) but occasionally does feature the horribly CGI'd centipede. A diamond in the rough, but don't take that as too much of a compliment.


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