Jul 18, 2008

Lost Boys: The Tribe

I had been waiting for a sequel to Joel Schumacher’s sexy vampire classic The Lost Boys for sometime now. Apparently, the first attempt at a sequel to the film, The Lost Girls, was stopped because the repulsive rich bitch Julia Roberts caused a falling out between actors Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric. It would be another 20 years that the sequel to The Lost Boys, Lost Boys: The Tribe, would be released. The sequel was a direct-to-dvd low budget release, part of Warner Brothers genius idea of making shitty sequels to their best films. The Lost Boys director Joel Schumacher was completely against the production of Lost Boys: The Tribe.

From the get go, Lost Boys: The Tribe looks like a fairly cheap and quickly made film. The opening titles look they were edited on an amateur high school kid’s home computer to amuse his friends. The weakness of the introduction is in complete opposition to the power of “the flight of the vampire” featured in the opening of The Lost Boys. I knew immediately during the film’s beginning Lost Boys: The Tribe would be an exercise in horror sinema blasphemy. How does one handle sitting through a long awaited piece of garbage sequel to one of their favorite vampire films?

The “tribe” of vampires featured in Lost Boys: The Tribe are as contemporarily lame as one can expect for today’s generation of MTV slaves. They are stupid, lack charisma and style, and spend all their time seeking irrational hedonistic pleasures. Instead of bloodsucking in style, they go around like a gang of retarded victims of cultural Marxism. Their leader, played by Angus Sutherland (½ brother of Kiefer), seems to have taken too many bong hits after brain damaging surfing sessions. Like most aspects of Lost Boys: The Tribe, casting didn’t seem like much of a concern for the producers of the film.

Tyree B HugRee

The only actor to reprise his role from the original The Lost Boys was Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog. I must say that Feldman’s performance is one of the most embarrassing that I have seen in film history. Although steadily approaching middle age, Feldman beats to death one liners throughout Lost Boys: The Tribe that seem like a grotesque parody of his performance in the original film. He wears similar militant clothes like in The Lost Boys, still uses comic books as his bloodsucker fighting guides, and tries to make his voice deeper than it really is. Unfortunately from Feldman, I don’t think he ever hit the crucial stage of puberty in his life.

Corey Haim makes a very brief appearance in the middle of the credits of Lost Boys: The Tribe, as a vampire that looked to be too overfed after a stay in a concentration camp. Feldman and Haim share quick verbal gabs at one other like they do on their reality show. The difference is they don’t discuss how they let one another get raped by adult Hollywood types during their younger years. It would have been too painful to watch the drug induced brain fried Corey Haim attempting to play Sam throughout Lost Boys: The Tribe.

Lost Boys: The Tribe
is an excellent example of why film sequels are evil and only used to make a quick buck on the legacy of a quality film. Director Joel Schumacher has openly admitted that The Lost Boys is his best film and he is right. One should have respected his request for Lost Boys: The Tribe to never be made. I know Corey Feldman needs work but I see him more as someone that blows black men in shitty prison movies.

-Ty E

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Tony Brubaker said...

I`m not sure about the sexual orientation of the director of this film (P.J. Pesce), if hes heterosexual then this is a much better film than the first one specifically because the director is heterosexual rather than a faggot, if however hes a fairy (like that scum Schumacher) then this film is garbage just like the first one was specifically because that was directed by a disgusting woofter as well.