Jul 4, 2008

The Last Aryan Alive: Roy Batty

Rutger Hauer’s performance as Roy Batty in Blade Runner is without doubt the most emotionally powerful one in film. Before Batty’s death, he recites a beautiful speech to Rick Deckhard (while also sparing the “Blade Runner’s” life). Batty tells Deckhard in his remaining minutes of life, "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I've watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those... moments will be lost in time... like... tears..in rain." After the poetic speech Batty accepts his fate and says his final words “Time...to die." Afterwards, his head merely falls down in the rain and his dead hand releases a white dove. But I believe that Batty’s death is more symbolic than that of “Human and replicant” relations, for Roy Batty is the last Aryan alive.

The world featured in Blade Runner is one of postmodern filth and the end of culture. America is now completely inhabited by third world street dwellers that don’t seem to mind the streets being flooded with overwhelming amounts of trash. All forms of past culture are jumbled together in a degree that their roots are impossible to distinguish. For example, a group of midget sized gang members speak German among one another as they go on a journey of thievery. The past of that language has been deracinated to the point that the language itself might as well have not existed in the first place. The neo-Bolshevik scam known as “Globalization” has truly conquered the world in it’s destruction.

Roy Batty is a human engineered “Aryan Superman” and the "prodigal son" of Eldon Tyrell. Tyrell makes no lie in his arrogant pride for his “replicant” inventions. Roy Batty, being Tyrell’s greatest “invention,” only ends up killing his father. Roy Batty is only putting Eldon Tyrell out of his own ugly misery when he gouges his eyes out and crushes his skull. Roy Batty, although human engineered, has far exceeded his father in intelligence, beauty, humanity, and strength.

In Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?(the book Blade Runner is based on), the Tyrell corporation was originally called the Rosen corporation. It can be assumed that Hollywood would have nothing to do with a Jewish surname being used for the name of an evil “Godly” inventor and his earth destroying corporation. Hollywood would rather have you believe that the evil anglo “Tyrell” was the root of such diabolical international destruction. But the reality is the Rothschilds(through their headquarters in London finance in their own bloody words), “governments, corporations throughout the world.” The Rothschilds have paid for and caused more death than any group in history. I am sure they would be offended to be called “Anglo-Saxon.”

In the world of Blade Runner, “Aryans” no longer exist. They have been dissolved from the earth(as they are being now), by a series of cultural Marxist subversive political movements, third world international influx, and lack of overall international morals. The Joseph Goebbel’s advertised “master race” fell to an outside group of self-proclaimed chosen “masters." Rutger Hauer was the appropriate choice for Roy Batty because as a Dutchman he represents one of the highest points of Germanic culture. Long ago detached from Germany and the Germans, the Dutch established their own rich history of cultural achievements that ever since the end of World War II have been “fading into history.”

Eldon Tyrell(or more appropriately Rosen) gave birth to a new type of Aryan that only his materialistic god complex could fathom. The man whose corporation destroyed the whole world has now met his demise in the form of his own monster. Roy Batty, a replicant designed for off-world combat, and the brutal battlefields of war. Tyrell(like The Rothschilds), have never confronted the horrors firsthand that their money cowardly paid for. Eventually, the master will have nothing left to destroy but himself. Roy Batty, the ideal Superman, destroys the aesthetically and emotionally appalling destroyer…

-Ty E

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#6 said...

Again, I totally agree with your review. The implied miscegenation of Rachael (note Jewish name) with the hero is also of note- the film demands its protagonists abandon any past or rootedness in favour of a cryptofascist / bolshevik determinism and looking ahead in an escapist manner.

Note that the Replicants perish by trying to connect with their (false?) past...