Jul 27, 2008

Interview with Lucifer Valentine

Lucifer Valentine is no doubt a talented director. Regardless If you're a fan of his works or not, he is competent and skilled in what he makes; VOMIT GORE. A new genre of terror which uses bodily fluids in a perverse and Satanic manner. His first film Slaughtered Vomit Dolls rocked the underground horror movement and now his second film (Available to download for free on http://regoregitatedsacrifice.com/) ReGOREgitated Sacrifice continues the reverberations.

SS: Hello Dr. Valentine. Many people know you as the relentless marketing man who promotes your "VOMIT GORE" films - Slaughtered Vomit Dolls and your new film - ReGOREgitated Sacrifice. Care to tell our "virgins" about these films and your intentions?

LV: Sure, I created a film genre called Vomit Gore and I am making a Vomit Gore Trilogy; Slaughtered Vomit Dolls is the first movie in the Trilogy and ReGOREgitated Sacrifice is the second ! Vomit Gore came into existence because I am an Emetophile (which means I am sexually attracted to Vomit or Vomiting) and because I wanted to create a personal artistic venue for myself in which I can make any kind of movie I want exactly how I want !

SS: Both of your films reflect your own beliefs in Satanism, correct? And could you describe your beliefs? Did you make one of these sacred pacts that these women make?

LV: There’s a quote on my myspace that I wrote that sums up my belief in Satanism, which is the following:

"To me Satan means whatever people can't fathom or understand; the Unknown, whatever breaks the commonplace and predictable mental patterns of conventional thought and experience; Satan represents the opposite of people's fears, weakness, and crushing self-doubt about their world and the entire Universe."

My parents are Satanists and I was raised with their beliefs instilled in me throughout my formative years; and, I think in my movies it is sometimes apparent that the movie was made by a Satanist, but that’s just my personal characteristics naturally coming out through the artistic process and its not necessarily important to me that my movies seem Satanic.

Ironically, in Slaughtered Vomit Dolls (SVD) and ReGOREgitated Sacrifice (RS), the two “Satanic Pact” scenes are prime examples of me, an actual Satanist, interpreting what non-satanists think Satanism is ! So for example, in SVD, when Angela/Ameara makes her Pact with the Devil, that is my interpretation showing the mythological notion, based on what I saw in the ”Satanic Panic” episodes of the Geraldo Rivera talk show from the 1980’s, of a teenager making a pact with Satan and giving her life and soul to him. Its ironic to me because that scene with Angela is a pure fear image conjured and realized by non-satanist parents, Christians mostly, to give themselves the comfort of hatred and ignorance toward something they do not understand, thereby actually creating a self-fulfilling prophesy of teenage rebellion by making dark realms like Satanism a taboo to be sought out by their children.

In ReGOREgitated Sacrifice, the “Whore” character is forced by a serial killer to recite a Satanic Pact to do with his obsession of destroying beauty. Again this is not necessarily my idea of real Satanism as I know it, but it is my interpretation of how some serial killers take on a very distorted view of Satanism as a justification premise to allow themselves mental leeway, if you will, to commit various acts of violence and murder.

SS: I understand you were born and raised in South Africa. How did you get along with your community? Did you hide your beliefs and fetishes from the public?

LV: No. My family did not hide our beliefs from anyone, and we had a lot of great friends in the small fishing village of Arniston. My parents were quite well-respected in the community and people found them to be quite interesting because they were terrestrial invertebrate researchers (they studied bugs) and often they’d show our neighbors strange and rare bugs they had collected for study. My parents are scholars and very serious professionals so they didn’t walk around in black robes conducting the Black Mass in our backyard or anything like that; but if anyone asked, or the subject of spiritual beliefs came up in conversation, my parents would never shy away or pretend to be something they are not in order to not scare someone, they are proud to be Satanic.

My parents did travel quite extensively throughout their careers and so I was in charge of raising my nearly blind little sister Cinderella who had ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorders), with the supervision of a nanny/nurse, and so I didn’t really have time to notice or even care about what people thought of me or my beliefs, I was completely consumed in the well-being of Cinderella.

SS: I'm sure you've answered this one a million times, but is your birth name Lucifer Valentine? And if so, I'm extremely curious to hear your middle name!

LV: Lucifer Valentine is the name I gave to my character in Slaughtered Vomit Dolls as Angela/Ameara’s childhood imaginary friend; Lucifer Valentine is the projected manifested image from the archetype of the neglected, traumatized, abused and exploited teenage runaway stripper-turned prostitute-turned hardcore porn star. The idea of Lucifer Valentine is that as Angela Aberdeen is disassociating from herself and her body as a child due to her physical/mental/sexual abuse from everyone who ever was in a position to take care of her, she begins the fragmented process of compartmentalization of her feelings and begins to create alternate selves and personalities to displace and deal with her feelings of profound sadness and trauma; the first personality Angela created was the closest to her, an imaginary best friend/confessor/father figure/dominator/confidant: LUCIFER VALENTINE.

SS: Do the surreal elements in ReGOREgitated Sacrifice come from your dreams or some cerebral exercise?

LV: The surreal scenes in RS come from the process of weaving the story of Angela unconsciously and recognizing when ideas and elements rise to the surface of my conscious mind to be collected and represented on camera. I’ll have basic signposts or landmarks in my mind about a movie, like RS for example, of scenes or major ideas that I want to elaborate on, and I‘ll make notes of the main ideas knowing that my unconscious mind will “fill in the blanks”, connecting the dots, if you will, over the course of making the movie. I don’t always know or understand what everything means in totality when I’m making a movie, but I always trust my instincts and my kinds of movies are very intuitive that way where I have to oftentimes go with the flow of what feels good and pay no mind at all to anything logical as I feel that does not apply to me at all.

SS: What on your thoughts on Ipecac? I have several bottles. How should I use these (If I do)?

LV: Well Ipecac is a great record label owned by Mike Patton !! I’ve never actually used the Vomit-inducing liquid, I prefer to ram my cock down girls’ throats to make them puke.

SS: The editing in your films is very hyper-kinetic and vibrant. Approximately how long does post-production take for one of your films?

LV: Usually about six months.

SS: In several scenes, I noticed you liked to focus the camera directly under the vomiting person or persons. Did any get on you? Did you do this so you can work and be pleasured at the same time?

LV: Ha ha, well I really love getting shots of Vomit coming right at the camera and seeming to hit the lens of the camera. I love these Vomit-cam shots and it does turn me on, but I don’t quite get the same sexual charge from it as I would normally when I’d be fucking a girl and she’d puke right on me, but it’s still nice !

SS: I recently discovered about the untimely death of your sibling Cinderella. It's very heart-breaking and unfortunate. Care to talk about it?

LV: Cinderella took her own life New year’s Eve 2006; she drown herself in a bath tub after overdosing on various prescription drugs. Cinderella and I had an incest relationship for many years and, understandably, she was very possessive of me as I was the only person she had ever been with sexually and I had become the absolute center of her Universe as her caretaker and best friend throughout her life. I had mentioned to Cinderella that I thought the scene in SVD in which Angela/Ameara drowns herself was one of the mot beautiful scenes I’ve ever done and she got very upset and was crying uncontrollably and said that she wanted to be the only beautiful thing in my life so she would drown herself just like Ameara did so I’d love her more. Cinderella demonstrated this drowning for me many times and I videotaped it and used one version of it in RS at the end in black and white footage connecting the drowning of Angela and the archetype of “Angela” in a broader sense. I found my sister’s body floating in a bath tub from drowning herself New Year’s day 2007; I didn’t think she would ever do this for real because I didn’t think she’d ever want to be separated physically from me in this world, but it’s complicated and she was mentally unstable so I’ve had to accept this reality over the course of many painful months. I love my sister more anything in the world and I am eternally horrified at the loss of her life in this form of reality but we are still together forever in multitudes of other realms so our relationship doesn’t ever really “end” for me in that sense, I just don’t get to actually have her sitting here in my lap like she normally would like a cat while I do these interviews.

SS: How old were you when you two first made love?


SS: What ever happened to your parents?

LV: I actually have a legal agreement with my parents to not discuss them, except for basic agreed upon details such as the things I’ve already described here, in the press for many reasons, obviously not everyone in this world is as open-minded about Satanism and incest as I am, and my parents simply don’t want to be hassled by the rest of the world so I definitely respect that.

SS: Does Ameara know about Cinderella's reason for taking her life, and if so, does she feel horrible? I can imagine that weighing heavy on ones shoulders.

LV: Yes Ameara knows all about Cinderella’s passing, she was horrified and saddened, she always loved Cinderella and never wanted there to be any jealousy; Ameara and I have always been great friends and have worked together for many years since we were in a relationship and she thought Cinderella was so cool and brilliant, but, me and Ameara have both seen a lot of Death in our lives so we are sadly well-equipped to deal with it.

SS: Since Cinderella could only see shadows, did you ever think about using this element in a horrific sense? Maybe make a shadow vomit film next?

LV: Interesting idea, I’ll likely make a movie more specific to her at some time so we’ll “see” . . .

SS: Only one more film till the VOMIT GORE trilogy is done. What do you plan on doing after that? Continue filming I hope. Vomit Comedy? Better yet, Vomedy?

LV: Ha ha well I’ve already shot two non-Vomit Gore films: A PERFECT CHILD OF SATAN, which is about Date Rape, and BLACK METAL VEINS, which is a documentary about heroine addiction; I am very very excited to release these two films and they are definitely at the top of my list !!

SS: Anything you'd like to say to our readers at this point. Anything?

LV: I’d like to say THANKS to everyone for their interest in me and my movies !! I really appreciate it and THANKS to you for this interview !!

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A.D. said...

Just notices this review on your sidebar as I was checking out your BITTER FEAST review... It's great to see someone from the blogging community giving attention to Lucifer Valentine. I have only seen SVD so far and only saw it for the first time a few months ago, and while Vomit Gore isn't my thing, I couldn't help but be impressed by his style of filmmaking and the mystery that surrounds "Lucifer Valentine". I also found his back story, specifically anything involving Cinderella, to be quite fascinating. I definitely plan on seeking out the rest of the trilogy and hopefully his other works will be readily available at some point. Great interview.