Jul 1, 2008

I Drink Your Blood

I Drink Your Blood(1970) is a rabid killer hippie classic inspired by “The Manson Family” killings. The messianic leader of the cult is a buff Native American looking Shaman that seems to be three times as large as the real Charles Manson. He addresses to his cult that, “let it be known that Satan was an acid head. Drink from his cup.” Surprisingly, it is not acid that makes these scumbag hippies go on a killing frenzy, but the deadly juices of rabid dog put into meat pies that the degenerates eat. The rabid poison was put in the meat pies by a virtuous young man who wanted to avenge the disrespect that the hippies committed against the boy’s grandpa.


The shaman leader of the cult probably has the silliest dignified accent I have yet to see in a film such as I Drink Your Blood. His second in command is a rambunctious Negro who has had enough of the lynching bestowed upon his unfortunate forefathers. The white men in the cult are pathetic and impotent. The girls are for the most part blond whores looking for “Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll.” They also have a middle aged eastern Asian woman in the group for whatever reason. I guess she makes a great accessory.

The real “hero” of I Drink Your Blood is the young blond haired boy that poisons moral breaking hippies. This young man has dreams of being a veterinarian and he’s not going to let some hippie scum get in his way. The child hero makes me wonder if I Drink Your Blood was also supposed to be a family film as it does have a good moral message. Nudity, decapitations, and guts aside, I Drink Your Blood gives Hollywood a run for their money as far as “good messages” go.

I Drink Your Blood
is one of the best films of it’s kind. It's full of gore, comedy, rednecks, and violent deaths that any true American horror fan would demand. I can imagine American drive-in theaters of the early 1970s were full of happy filmgoers when I Drink Your Blood was first screened. What a wonderful world it would be if someone started a new horror subgenre featuring white liberals and hipsters killing minorities while infected with rabies. I Drink Your Blood is the film to look at for that type of inspiration.

-Ty E


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that one is classic, i missed it the first time around (because I wasn't born yet) but recently caught up with it.

Davey-J said...

Whoa, the foaming black dude sure looks like Screamin' Jay Hawkins...