Jul 4, 2008


What if Peter Pan grew old? Steven Spielberg invites you into a wonderful world in which this can actually happen. I'm not partial to Spielberg's filmography at all. I've enjoyed a few films here and there. Hook is without a doubt, one of the greatest live-action children's films ever made. Many may hail other films as being more entertaining or more appealing to this generation, but none will ever capture the emotional intensity of Hook.

Robin Williams plays Peter Banning, a lawyer who cannot donate much of his time to his eager family. After Captain Hook (A wonderful Dustin Hoffman) kidnaps his children, Banning must go back to Never Never Land and learn how to crow again with his rowdy group of Lost Boys if he wants to see his family again.

I'm not too prepossessed on the myth and facts of pirates. I find it to be an annoying Y2K fad which consists of the Internet youth group drooling over Ninja's vs. Pirates. Dante Basco is the star at hand here. He plays the skunk-haired misfit named Rufio. In this loose adaption of the classic tale, they created many new and wondrous things about it that are as engaging as can be. The key phrase "BANGARANG" or the powers of blue custard and the imagination.

Many adventures are had as this desk jockey gets trained by fly, fight, crow, and make jokes. An adventure featuring seductive mermaids and a rascal pack of kids (Neanderthal Lord of the Flies) highlighted by the joyful, obese black kid whose pivotal role is rolling down a ramp, creating a classic punchline for fat people all around the world. The pirates are all book-stereotypes of "ARGH"-ing all the time and being drunk and belligerent. The "Boo Box" scene actually horrified me when I was a child.

The swordplay in the film is disappointingly sub-par. Much of the film features amazing visual effects but is occasionally bogged down by the slow motion melon flying at his head. Hook could be treated as a sequel to a story, which would go down as the greatest sequel in history. Death lingers in this story, and so does mischief. I doubt your kids would watch this and not have any conniving ideas to torture you with tricks and games.

This is no Cutthroat Island - a film that had one of the biggest reported budgets ever which also created the biggest box office flop in history. Despite the director or the star, Hook is a marvel. I enjoy the occasional film directed by a hack. It just happens that way. One example could be me enjoying Michael Bay's Transformers. Hook is the greatest Fairy Tale story ever put to film. Dear god, please bring Rufio back.



Anonymous said...

It's so refreshing knowing there's someone out there that also likes Hook. Good form!

Anonymous said...

Hook is a classic. I crave more Dante Basco after that film.

Take the Lead is a slight guilty pleasure.

only the fighters are attacking, i wonder what those star destroyers are waiting for said...

its odd that you liked this film so much because i`ve always regarded it as one of the most embarressing piles of pathetic unwatchable garbage that has ever polluted the medium of cinema.

Soiled Sinema said...

I blame Rufio.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

robin williams is a ludicrous embarressment to himself and the rest of humanity, and bob hoskins is a pile of horse-shit simply because he is british.