Jul 3, 2008

The Hand

If British had it's own language, Michael Caine would be British for Suave. In the wake of the death of Creature/Animatronic autuer Stan Winston, I decided to revisit some of his lesser known works. The Hand is a 1981 horror film centering on a comic strip author whose hand is dismembered in a freak car accident. Upon the disappearance of his severed hand, people who provoke his rage meet a demise similar to The Brood.

If I had to compare The Hand to two films, It would be Magic meets The Brood. Michael Caine's performance sadly doesn't rival Sir Anthony Hopkins, but provides for a tasty full course meal throughout this psychological horror film. This might be the only Oliver Stone film I can say I really enjoy. Spring loaded with a twist ending that will reverse the ways of your emotions, The Hand could easily dominate most other films of it's kind if marketed correctly.

The Hand is one of those films I respect for it's clever use of animatronics. While not as breakthrough as the hand in the Addam's Family, this one is increasingly morbid as it decays and rots. Michael Caine is a frizzy haired recluse who shelters his pain through alcohol. While being a tired cliche, it's the most relatable for pain. Alcohol is tough love in can form. When bodies begin dropping, the almost young Caine doesn't even notice.

A modern age Tell-Tale Heart with a bigger body count, The Hand was recently released as apart of the Twisted Terror's collection making this worthy gem available to the most sheltered cinema goer. The soundtrack marks a spooky entry in confined horror orchestra and several of the white-out editing effects used to style up his severe fury.

Michael Caine's character is one we could all end up like. Albeit, we probably won't have any detached limbs chasing around, doing our handiwork. Love doesn't nearly have as big of a message as hatred and violence does. In this small rural community, Caine sets out to teach a lesson about country hospitality. A cautious tale from Oliver Stone, too bad he decided to make flimsy propaganda and shitty patriotic films.


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peregrine fforbes-hamilton said...

i had real problems concentrating on this reveiw because as soon as you mentioned the brood all i was able to think about was cindy hinds.