Jul 10, 2008

Event Horizon

I never find it suiting to watch a mainstream film, mainly ones that have aged since I last remember. I'd rather settle in an underground film, an obscure title, or a Die Hard film. I became somewhat of a joke around my community friends because I had not seen Event Horizon. Peer pressure led me to see In the Mouth of Madness (A very similar film) and more recently, Event Horizon.

The creator of the Event Horizon (A spaceship which travels at light speed) enlists a rescue crew to discover what happened to the ship and its crew (The "revelation" at the end of the film is wholly unique and makes me think in an expansive viewpoint concerning space. I like that.) Sam "Dr. Grant" Neill plays a convincing role as the douche bag who will throw down the Scientific method on anyone who says otherwise.

Rather than arguing reality, he simply looks for a logical answer, which in turn leads to some screwed up shit. (SPOILER) Later in the film, Dr. Grant becomes a savior of sorts. The ferry guard towards the gates of hell. Messianic if you will. The fresh gashes scarring his face prove to effect even the most jaded horror fan. Laurence Fishburne is still working on removing the stain from his action-packed performance in ANOES: Dream Warriors. His role is perhaps a little bit on the wooden side.

I did not expect Event Horizon to even be ¼ this engaging. A stark cinematic odyssey brimming with a bit of classic ultra-violence (owing a huge debt to the classic Hellraiser.) By all means, I was shocked and disgusted with this film. It hurts to see that the youth of the "torture porn" era think that their films are disgusting. Event Horizon's depictions of cannibalism, chaos, hell, and everything dark is bar none and upsetting to say the least.

Event Horizon is a mash-up of all great science-fiction films. Sets spring with Alien inspiration and characters and situations are all ripped from various classics. I wouldn't expect otherwise giving that the director is the same hack who brought us such insta-classics (Note the sarcasm) as Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, and AVP.

The star of this film is the beautiful leading lady; The Event Horizon herself. A stunning ship decorated with spikes and claw-like doors with provide a tense and claustrophobic atmosphere. The heart of the ship is a fortified black hole being suppressed by three magnetic rings. A gyroscopic heart of infinite terror would be the best way to describe it. My favorite aspect is the funky green lit crawlspaces creating a technical labyrinth.

An addition to the greats of Science horror has been achieved, but I can't help but feel copped out when every "war in space" film has to have a goofy black guy on board. It's been this way since the Alien films came out. I can except a goofy black limo driver thwarting Urkel's evil plans, but not in space! Other than this and the recycled events, Event Horizon is damn near perfect. A film that deserves more credit for managing to be creepy and fucked up.


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jervaise brooke hamster said...

All i noticed in this movie was...thats right...you guessed it...Kathleen Quinlan, i`d love to bugger her senseless.