Jul 22, 2008

The Double Headed Eagle

The Double Headed Eagle is a unique documentary chronicling Hitler and the National Socialist Party’s humble beginning to their assumption of power in 1933. The documentary merely relies on stock footage after Germany’s defeat in “The Great War” to the book burnings of works from “exaggerated Jewish intellectualism.” There is no commentary featured in the documentary and it is up to the viewer to analyze the Nazi Party’s rise. Director Lutz Becker concludes The Double Headed Eagle with a spiteful out of context quote by German Jewish romantic poet Heinrich Heine.

From the beginning of The Double Headed Eagle you get the feeling there was something hidden behind the Nazi Party. At first the Nazi rallies are community sized featuring local peasants interacting with Adolf Hitler and his right hand men. The Nazi Party was a hit with peasants because the “blood” was the one thing that united them with the rest of Germany. As the years pass, the Nazi Party rallies get bigger and more extravagant. The rise of the Nazi Party parallels with the increased degeneracy of the failed democratic Weimer Republic. The Weimer Republic seemed to have a similar cancer that plagues the “democracy” of the United States today.

Throughout The Double Headed Eagle Nazi SA street fighters battle limp wrist communists through the streets of Deutschland. The leaders of the SA were aggressive and masculine beer gulping homosexuals that sought to destroy what they saw as the “Jewish” plague of communism. Of course, many of these communists were Jewish but most German Jews were not communists. The SA would have it’s meeting in a local German gay bar. In the book The Pink Swastika, the Zionist Judeo-Christian propagandists authors make up the absurd theory that German Nazism was the result of a long history of German homosexual war societies. The reality is that the SA was the only truly “gay” faction of the Nazi party and it lost most of it’s power after Hitler seized the German state. Shortly after Adolf Hitler gained power he had gay SA leader Ernst Röhm killed in the famous “Knight of the Long Knives.”

A very interesting speech found in The Double Headed Eagle is when Adolf Hitler states that he will have all political parties banned. Most holocaust “historians” will tell you this did in fact happen. There was, however, one party that was not banned. The Jewish Zionist party was allowed to continue publishing newspapers, flying their flag, and promoting the Jews to emigrate to Palestine (which in 1948 would be declared the official Jewish state of Israel). The Zionist party also collaborated with rounding up “dissent” assimilated anti-Zionist Jews from concentration camps among other “forgotten” and “unspeakable” things. Even today in Israel, the race laws on “who is Jewish” is similar to that of the Nuremberg laws.

After viewing The Double Headed Eagle, the “effect” for the viewer is that the “evil” Nazi party came to power due to the irrational desperation of the people. Unemployment is at an all time high, democracy failed (although Adolf Hitler was elected in Democratically), and the Jews control all of the banks. The documentary forgets to enlighten the viewer on one crucial element though. Without Adolf Hitler’s Wall Street bankers, he could have never risen to power. Furthermore, without his bankers Hitler could not have prolonged the second World War and his suicide for so many years. It is also interesting to note that Germany’s industry and factories were dissembled after the war only to be sent to the Soviet Union (among other countries). The firebombing of Germany only executed with the intentions of killing civilians (mainly women and children) and destroying German culture. After all, very few soldiers were killed and military complexes destroyed in these bombings (I.e. Dresden).

The Double Headed Eagle
is the best documentary of it’s kind. The footage featured in the film seems to be neglected by most because it lacks dead corpses. The Nazi leaders make a couple threats to Jews that seemed a bit contrived. The Double Headed Eagle is essentially a must view for anyone that has even a slight interest in it’s subject matter.

-Ty E


Fox said...

I just recently learned of the gay SA faction of the Nazi party. Isn't it true that Hitler used them to gain power before he killed them?

And - this may be off, my source was a little questionable - is it true that many of the SA members were engaged in an orgy-type scenario on an island on The Night of the Long Knives? Again, forgive me if that is way off... it's just what I heard.

Also, why do you think it is kept so hush-hush that many members of the SA were homosexuals? Even today it seems quiet. Go to Wikipedia and type in a word find for "homosexual" or "gay" on the SA page and nothing comes up.

Soiled Sinema said...

Yes, the SA did all the street fighting for Hitler. It is said that Himmler made a deal with Hitler that the SS would give complete obedience if the main SA guys were taken out.

The SA orgy's are pretty well documented. Many of the men were treated for sexual diseases and other related things. The SA men also "initiated" Hitler Youth members. Luchino Visconti's "The Damned" features some SA orgy scenes.

Wikipedia is not so reliable on controversial topics as it is moderated heavily. Special interests groups (gay rights for example) do not want this information to be leaked out to the general public. Gays claim to be victims of the holocaust but very few gays actually died in these camps. Furthermore, many of the men imprisoned for being gay(pink triangle) were put there under false charges (they weren't actually gay). Germany had the largest gay population in Europe at that time so they would have had to "exterminate" a good percentage of their population. Most of the stuff on the Third Reich and related topics at Wikipedia are worthless except for general info. Wikipedia also downplays the genocides committed by Bolsheviks.

I recommend reading "The Pink Swastika" for some of the dirt on the SA. The book is propaganda but it does provide much more in depth info on the gayness of the SA and Nazi Germany in general.

A couple other notable gay Nazis:

Emil Maurice(also 1/2 Jewish)-Founder of the SS and Hitler's chauffeur

Rudolf Hess- deputy of the Nazi Party

Reinhard Heydrich-(also assumed to be 1/2 Jewish) Gestapo Leader and one of the holocaust "architects."

Hans Frank- Hitler's Lawyer. Also claimed to have found out that Hitler was 1/4 Jewish.

Other notable Nazis thought to be gay: Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Josef Goebbels, Julius Streicher, etc.

I plan to review documentaries on similar topics in the near feature.

Fox said...

Thanks for the recommendation on the book. I will definitely be looking for it. I imagine it will get me some fun stares at the bookstore. I always love that...

Thanks for digging through the stuff that people don't generally like to talk about. That's why I love y'alls site.

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