Jul 13, 2008

Deception of a Generation

Deception of a Generation is a fine Christianity documentary about the occult, homosexuality, necromancers, Satan, and other related Antichrist elements that infiltrated Children’s cartoons of the 1980s. Despite my apathy for Christianity and the silliness of the documentary, Deception of a Generation is pretty true in it’s assertion of anti-Christian influences that have subverted children’s cartoons. Anyone that has been around and associated with the Long Island and NYC types knows that these individuals believe that blaspheming Christ is their “God Given” right. With shows like Family Guy, it is obvious that these Antichrist folks don’t even try to hide their contempt for Christianity. Of course, when anyone (I.E. Mel Gibson) attempts to hold the “masters” accountable for their deeds, they go on an ad hominem attack campaign laced with so much estrogen that it would put professional complainer Jerry Seinfeld to shame.

Phil Phillips

Apparently children of the 1980s starting shouting “Jesus isn’t the master of the Universe, He-Man is” in parking lots like it was nothing. Christian host Phil Phillips makes it clear that he believes children worship their occult cartoons more than a man that died for their sins. They also use tie-in action figures and toys to practice their “worship” of homosexual occultists. I really could careless about Christianity but it is no doubt that the occult dogma of TV (for both Children’s shows and TV in general) has subverted the average American into a brain dead and impulsive, vice driven disciples of Satan (at least in a metaphorical sense).

Are the Smurfs really dead (blue skin) homosexual communists of Satan? Is Jesus really a winner and Satan a loser? According to the host of Deception of a Generation, Phil Phillips, yes. The documentary also uncovers the homosexual agenda by Steven Spielberg’s child classic “E.T.” Phillips believes that these “Anti-christian” teachings found in children’s cartoons are a plot. I personally think that the Antichrist agenda found in children’s cartoons is more about instinct than a plot. The state of New Jersey, Hollywood, and NYC (where most of these “creators” come from) might as well be the unofficial capitals of hell. These areas spawn the most paranoid individuals that have rarely left the city due to their fear of receiving a similar fate to those victims found in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


The host of Deception of a Generation seems to be more a “false prophet” than a true believer. He can see the degeneracy so commonly seen in children’s cartoons because he seems to have a certain “tainted” element to his own soul. Host Phillips gets especially excited when stating that Barbie is perfect except for having “Hong Kong stamped on her ass.” Phillips is a similar false prophet to that of the boyish messianic power of Paul Sunday in There Will Be Blood exercises.

One has to admit that real Christianity in America has been for the most part destroyed. The only thing you have to do is turn on the television and see it’s promotion of materialism, homosexuality, crime, drugs, false gods, and overall destructive behavior. The media leaders practiced their techniques subtly over half a century using Freudian psychological techniques.
Now they do whatever they want whenever they want. Whether it be the whoring out of preteens on the Disney channel or the hateful filth against Western Civilization on MTV, the media leaders have done their job well. Despite having some good points, Deception of a Generation is unintentionally comical for the most part, thus confirming the lack of seriousness and “faith” gentile society puts into Christianity.

-Ty E

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