Jul 17, 2008

The Dark Knight

It's really impossible to review this film without discussing mild spoilers, so I will tone them down a bit. Batman Begins was indeed the beginning, albeit, a sloppy & slow beginning. But it left room for something amazing - a flawless sequel. Now with the hype building and building over this film, (See also: Snakes on a Plane) It is a miracle that the bubble hasn't burst yet. What we get is not only the greatest "superhero" film ever made, but possibly one of the greatest crime drama's ever made.

As predicted months ago with the untimely passing of heart throb Heath Ledger, the Joker steals the show with great intentions. By the ending of this preposterously paced 2 hour and 47 minute film, you will be haunted by his amazing performance; a tour de force like no other. His performance is entrancing, it lulls you into a state of cinema hypnosis. Not only could I ever imagine a Batman film being this dark, but I could never imagine teeny-bopping Heath to play such a tortured character which inevitably led to his downfall.

The one thing to realize, is that that the story isn't focused on the Batman, the Joker, or even Harvey Dent, but rather the impressionable city of Gotham. The greed, corruption, and villainry runs so rampant, you can see the horizon burning in flames of corruption. Chaos is the greatest notion to the Joker and he will stop at nothing to reach his ultimate goal of utter annihilation.

Rather than falling to the same fate as that of Sam Raimi and his horrid piece of shit, also known as Spiderman 3, Nolan rises above the occasion and delivers two villains, each with their own cause and goal. Rather than have just the villains go "Hur dur dur, Let's kill Batman", they each have a separate enemy and a similar cause; death and mayhem.

The transformation of Harvey Dent to Two-Face isn't something to be taken lightly, rather than being a humorous old washed-up actor who didn't have a past, Aaron Eckhart (Harvey Dent) is the one man who can save Gotham but befalls the deepest corruption. The title has more to do with the film then given credit for. Rather then clunking up the film, these two villains feel perfect, allowing this long-as-hell film to progress smoothly.

As Ain't It Cool News put it so perfectly, "This isn't a comic book film, This is a graphic novel film!" The Joker's lines are not only amazing, but immensely quotable. I haven't had lines stuck in my head so deep since I last saw Anchorman. Not only does he have the "iconic" lines, but he has monologues depicting a horrid and dismal view of nihilism. What we get is a slide show of an insane forever-memorable caliber.

As previously mentioned, The Joker is the scene stealer and the heart stopper. I often found myself on the edge of my seat, anticipating greatly his next line or movement. From his lip-smacking habits to his wonderful heterosexuality. It's amazing to see him as a heterosexual. Since his compliment on Gyllenhaal's attraction (Note: He fucked her brother.) I often found it mesmerizing to imagine the Joker figure with a woman. Someone of such a deep resonating evil, being superficially happy.

I got so into the film, that several "jump scenes" managed to fucking freak the hell out of me. Namely the "dead Batman" and the "life-changing explosion" scene. Scarier than any horror film released in several years, This film only needs actual insanity to lead the way on a purple/green carpet. I also appreciated the Joker killing the weakest form of mob first, no, not even a mob. The Negroes. I've never seen a pen disappear into a Negroes face before.

The script was entirely poetry. I don't understand how people can think the ultimate hack Tarantino can pen an amazing script. I'm fucking sorry, but running gags about French cheeseburgers isn't fucking funny. Speaking of the word fuck, He uses it too much, and so do I. You're in for a surprise with a vivid idealist expressing dark and hard-to-swallow views on chaos and corruption.

You don't need shitty plot twists to make an unformulated suspense film. The Dark Knight has enough twists to perfectly unravel this eggshell super-hype machine that has been manufactured by not only a great director, but also a viral marketing team responsible for such classics as leaving Joker cards littering comic stores. It is as every bit as intelligent as expected, but also furthers Bruce Wayne's douche bag ego to propel his "real identity" farther away than Batman's.

The Joker's profiling record is nil. No name, no other aliases, same habits, which are also executed flawlessly. To bring up the viral marketing again, the tactics incorporated were mailing lists, getting their hands dirty, voice messages, and secret new production stills. I have an ongoing theory that this film will impregnate every female in the audience with awesomeness, so ladies, take your birth control. I'd also laugh if Ledger faked his death and when assaulted by critics, his reply would be "Why so serious?"

Christopher Nolan's envisioning of the villains was flawless and traces of extreme black humor are scattered throughout. Imagine this film being The Departed meets costumed superheroes. The most poetic scene is the Joker, freshly escaped, hanging out of the police car, embracing his ultimate freedom, in stark silence. The only thing I underestimated is the amount of explosions in this film.

The only complaint I have with this film is Batman's ongoing growl. Meanwhile, I imagine him ordering food from the dollar menu at McDonald's using the same voice. It's impossible to take him seriously. Batman's choreographed fighting has altered differently, for the better as well. Instead of relying on pussy martial arts, he just fucks shit up. Preferably with his form of bare rubber boxing.

Technology is revolutionary, so is this film. Ledger's changed things forever. See to you, He's just a freak, like me! The Dark Knight is revolutionary in the cesspool of contemporary Hollywood film fare. Not only a brutal crime film, but also a story of love and all of the above. Everyone has an opinion, just keep in mind, It's also possible that their opinion is wrong.



Kriegsverlangerer said...

The Dark Knight was a piece of shit. Your review of Buffalo '66 was awesome, but this one basically pissed me off.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

the dark knight is the most ludicrously over-rated film of all time.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

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gary oldman said...

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jervaise brooke hamster said...

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