Jun 1, 2008

This Is England

This Is England is quite the appropriately titled film. The reason is that this film actually attempts to portray the working class English and the socio-political factors affecting that group. This Is England is not some piece of superficial trash featuring the faggoty Charm of Hugh Grant or the proud integrity of Ralph Fiennes. This Is England takes a look at those that represent the true majority of the English collective during the early 1980s. The film specifically looks at the skinhead subculture and how it ironically morphed from a multicultural influenced movement to a Neo-Nazi movement.

The first English film I saw that attempted to take a personal look at the English Neo-Nazi skinhead was Alan Clarke’s Made In Britain starring Tim Roth. This film features a powerful performance by Roth and gives small hints into what turned the young man into a vicious skinhead. This Is England, however, takes a more holistic approach to exposing the variables that turn young men into unlawful racist rebels. Many of the skinheads have lost a parent and are now living in a fragmented and defunct nuclear family. The film’s young protagonist lost his father in the Falklands War. A war that is recognized in the film as one that was worthless and not in the interest of the common Englishmen. The only thing This Is England lets us know about the war is that a young boy lost his father in it. During the film’s conclusion, real stock footage of dead English soldiers who perished in the Falklands is shown.

This is England also takes a look at immigrant infiltration of England that is promoted by criminal bankers and corporations (like in the United States). Due to the fact that non-English Diaspora immigrants have jobs and are mildly successful in England, the common Englishman has become enraged and adopts fascism. The reality is that the immigrant shouldn’t be blamed. The internationalist criminals that promote it are the source of such acts against the ordinary man. They expect and even promote racial tensions so that they can loot the countries while commoners battle it out with whatever little resources they can get. International bankers have always exploited the citizens of each nations they have infiltrated and brought them to war for monetary profit.

The skinhead subculture in This is England is presented as a movement that was originally heavily inspired by black Jamaicans via ska, rock steady, reggae, and soul music. Even one of the skinheads featured in the film is of mulatto origin. This young man’s assumed death acts as the symbolic transformation of the skinhead group from working class multiculturalists to hateful Neo-Nazis. Of course, the agitators that run the international news media (good ol’ Murdoch) aren’t interested in acknowledging this distinction. The news media has always used the contrived façade of “white collective racism” in attempts to stir up racial tensions and stifle the average white into a state of fear of being labeled a racist. The international news media has never attempted to put racial conflict into a realistic context. That wouldn’t be good for their conquest of international slavery.

This Is England also presents the English working class as similar to that of its American counterparts. The English skinheads love getting into trouble by wrecking abandoned houses, fucking with one another, and making the best of a not so bright looking future. This Is England is not a false Hollywood portrait of the English as linguistically refined and classy shadows of the Royal family. The lying and agitating opinion forming trash that is American Hollywood will never attempt to give a voice to the typical proletarian white. The reality is that the average white is far from rich and just as much of a slave of the system as many so-called “minorities.” Finger pointing at the white collective only takes peoples eyes off the real criminals (the same criminals that pushed imperial colonialism, hegemony, and internationalism).

This Is England is the most emotionally powerful and dramatic English film that I have seen since the titanic masterpiece A Night To Remember (1958). It is rare nowadays to find European national cinema that actually attempts to look at the common people of those prospective nations. Hollywood has made it their goal to buy out any international talent before they start a powerful film industry of their own. Hollywood has complete contempt for international culture and attempts to hide its hatred by making offensive inaccurate portrayals of “exotic backwards cultures” and the rich selfless altruistic whites that have dedicated their lives to helping those “savages.“

The young protagonist of This Is England doesn’t seem to have a bright future and he knows it. This Is England is less about a nihilistic message than it is about a realistic message. A tragic story about a young man’s loss of a father and the unfortunate future he faces as a proletarian white in anti-nationalist England. It is a rare event when a film like This Is England reaches international acclaim. Anyone that loves national cinema (or cinema in general) should watch this heartbreaking film.

-Ty E


Fox said...

I loved this film too. It's a great antidote to that piece of crap movie *La Haine*... even though that one is French.

I think your mentioning of *Made In Britain* is appropriate. I still think Alan Clarke's *Scum* is one of Englands great films about youth.

I part with you on the fact that immigrants shouldn't be blamed... well, that is if we're talking about ILLEGAL immigrants. In *This Is England*, I agree that the racial hatred under examination is the kind directed towards legal immigrants, but you mention that it is equal in America.

The current illegal immigrant situation in America lies at the feet of BOTH the business world (corporations and small business) and the illegals coming across the border... not to mention the corrupt government of Mexico that would rather deport their own citizens than deal with their socio-economic problems.

That doesn't excuse any verbal of physical hatred towards illegals in this country, but it explains the frustrations many American taxpayers - especially in the Southwest - are feeling, justifiably.

Tony Brubaker said...

This should`ve been called "This is dog-shit", (a), because of where it was filmed, and, (b), because it is itself a pile of dog-shit (like all British films of course).