Jun 3, 2008

Stephen King's Trucks

I will admit in the introduction to this review that i did not even begin to finish this disgusting piece of cinematic atrocities. If there indeed was a celluloid holocaust, Trucks would be it. A fine piece of cinematic cheesiness would be Maximum Overdrive starring the wonderful Emilio "EMILLIIIOOOOO" Estevez as that can-do American who helps hold down a fortress from haywire machines bent on human carnage.

The short story Trucks by everyone's favorite horror maestro King was adapted into film twice. First up to bat was King's own directorial effort retitled to Maximum Overdrive, which has a title that displays its exploitation themes. The second was a decades later made-for-TV adaptation called Trucks. The title itself is a step down for such a classic horror story. Apparently, this TV adaptation was closer to the novel. Most literary pricks would feel the need to prefer the closer film to the novel, but i argue for the defendant.

Trucks had a very rustic look to it. There was too much dust on the set and gave it a sandy, grimy feeling. I needed to take a shower afterwards. The violence was severely toned down, and was missing classic scenes as a small lot of Little Leaguers getting killed by cans of cola. On the other hand, Trucks did have a family friendly rating and was a good stepping stone into horror for children.

Objection! If Maximum Overdrive had one thing going for it; I could pick only one thing, It would be the iconic Goblin truck; The truck that resembled Marvel's Green Goblin. Trucks just had boring dump trucks and semi's. Your Honor, the bland characters on Trucks are overshadowed by their own vagrant dysfunctions. Divorce and military brat's don't make amazing dialogue, but goofy tourists and secret weapons stockpiler's do.

Stephen King might have hated himself for Maximum Overdrive, but i hate him more for allowing Trucks to be made. Even the tag line for Trucks attempted to cash in off of the comedy-horror element of Maximum Overdrive. The jury hereby finds the defendant.....not guilty! We sentence the plaintiff, Chris Thomson, to a horrendous career directing shitty television programs. Case dismissed.


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teddy crescendo said...

"Maximum Overdrive" is one of the most ludicrously under-rated films of all time, and yes, believe it or not, i really would like to bugger Yeardley Smith.