Jun 23, 2008

The Banking Scam of Multiculturalism and the Death of Theo van Gogh

Nothing has cost the Western World more destruction(aside from war) than cultural Marxist idealists and movements. I just got done watching Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange again after various viewings this year(one of my all time favorite films), and I can’t help to laugh at the beating Alex gives to the cosmopolitan intellectual husband and wife in their very home at the beginning of the film. Alex scams the couple into letting the gang of droogs in after claiming “there was a terrible accident” and minutes later their world falls apart. I laugh not because of the beating they take but how their naïve intellectual idealism is what leads ultimately to their downfall. As we find out later in A Clockwork Orange, the husband is crippled and the wife is dead. Still the “intellectual” has retained his altruistic idealism and claims that poor alex is “a victim of the state.” Of course, this old geezer is quick to change his mind when he finds out that Alex was the leader of the gang that put the man in his wheelchair and his wife in a coffin.

But as we all know, A Clockwork Orange is a work of dystopian fiction. I’m going to now take a look at an event that is film related that happened just a couple years ago. In 2004, Muslim extremist Mohammed Bouyeri brutally murdered Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh. Van Gogh, a descendent of Vincent van Gogh, had recently directed a short film that appeared on Dutch public broadcasting network television which criticized the obvious misogyny and double standards found in Islam. The short Submission was written by Dutch feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali and directed by Theo van Gogh.

Theo van Gogh with only ONE Beer Left

Theo van Gogh Dead

is just over 10 minutes in length and features a naked woman covered in verse from the Koran. The woman plays the voice of four different women that suffered abuse from their power hungry radical Islamic father. The woman’s only wearing a veil over her face(and nothing covering her body) is obviously symbolic of Islam’s treatment of women as a sexual object and not an individual. One of the testimonials involves a woman talking about how “Allah” likes women to be “pure” and “clean” yet various men(like her Husband's brother) have defiled her. Unsurprisingly, the literal translation of “Islam” is “Submission“. Hence, the films completely appropriate title.

The Islamic killer Mohammed Bouyeri apparently has a thing for amputee and necrophilia pornography. I don’t believe that the rotting and legless have that much in the way of “purity.” Maybe Bouyeri thought that killing an infidel Dutchman would boost his sexual desire for a woman that actually has all her limbs and even possibly is alive. The questions I have for Allah is if a woman has a female circumcision, is she still pure?

Dutch liberals have welcomed many different cultures into Holland. This ongoing trend of “Globalization” has flooded Europe with immigrants from abroad, and from the look of things it has only caused damage. For an individual like Theo van Gogh to be murdered in his own country for having an opinion, is a sign of a serious problem. Van Gogh is artistic royalty in his homeland and for an ethnic Moroccan(who has “Dutch” citizenship) to silence him with death is an outrage.

For the international bankers, it has brought them almost unlimited power with very little fight from European(and American) nationals. Racial tensions are things that internationalists love to instigate. They really don’t believe that multiculturalism, feminism, and other cultural Marxist “isms” will work. The bankers fund these subversive political and social movements so that they can destroy nationalism and loot these countries for what little they have left.

Islam has no place in Europe as it’s Archaic and barbaric nature isn't even up to date with the mores of Europe hundreds of years ago. The Dutch thought that they were being “open minded” by allowing such “diasporas” infiltrate their country and now the “melting pot” is starting to boil. Neo-Nazis have been starting to gain momentum in Holland and abroad as “multiculturalism” only causes racial tensions, not destroys them. The same thing has been going on in the United States for decades and it is inevitable that chaos will ignite. You can guarantee that the bankers are counting on it.

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

van gogh's death is a tragedy. through and through. but saying that this one incident is a sign of an outcome is harsh. you are right to say Islam is barbaric, but the ones who legitamately suffer and want to assimilate into the European culture (who aren't as civilized as you imagine) have the freedom to. multiculturalism is a process to weed out the primal anxieties the cultural players hold. there will be bloodshed and tragedy, healing is being done. you focus only on these negative instances instead of the millions of silent positive signs of improvement and then you're feeding someone else's estimation of your soul.

Anonymous said...

The caption is wrong, that's not one lonely bottle of beer in Theo's fridge, it's a bottle of Jameson's Irish whiskey. These details matter. Not as much as freedom, but they still matter.

Anonymous said...

ihr seid so spassnazis. ihr könnt die deutschen gern nach amerika entführen. und zu van gogh: an der kühlschranktür steht ein zettel, wo drauf steht, das man ihn doch bitte nicht posthum fehlinterpretieren sollte.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

I wish i could say something really brilliant and intellectual with regards to this very important subject but i cant because i`m just "a murderously homo-phobic Heather O`Rourke obsessed lunatic" who has no real education to speak of.

Anonymous said...

Why use terms like "international bankers" and "internationalists" when you obviously mean "Jews"?
And this article is for all its eloquence just another rancid anti-immigration rant.
I'm sorry it took me so long to figure out what kind of people you are. Bye.

Anonymous said...

I like how you didn't even bother to address any of the points they made, Anonymous.

Typical lefty. Your emotionally driven ideology is your religion. You act worse than Muslims whose dogma is questioned even in the slightest.


"Ce que deviennent nos morts" de Papus

éditions Dualpha, Paris, 2016

Cette nouvelle édition l'année dernière de cet ouvrage ésotérique essentiel a été faite par Philippe Randa pour offrir aux lecteurs néophytes de notre génération une lecture tout simplement parfaite et dense sur les valeurs de l'occultisme chrétien.

Gérard Encausse (le vrai nom de Papus) était un médecin français mort en 1916,il y a exactement un siècle et un an. Il a écrit cet ouvrage magique peu avant sa mort mais la première édition était faite par son fils Philippe Encausse en 1949 (également médecin) par les éditions OCIA. Trente trois années sont passées entre l'écriture et la première édition. Puisqu'il s'agit d'un ouvrage magique disons aussi que l'année 33 était l'année de Hitler.

Nous allons essayer de résumer le contenu. Sur la page 40 il y a deux citations que nous aimerions reproduire : "un système personnel plus ou moins rapproché de renseignement de la tradition" ... "c'est l' équilibre parfait entre les facultés féminines et masculines de l'être humain" (op.cit.page 40).

Un dessin extraordinaire sûrement de Papus (même si les éditeurs anciens et d'aujourd’hui n'ont fait aucune citation) montre le Sphinx de l'Egypte ancienne et la Croix du Christ. Donc nous sommes les dignes héritiers de toute civilisation antique. Et le fils Philippe Encausse ajoute sur la page 116 sur le chapitre écrit par lui "L'astral des choses": "Or cette employée ne pourra jamais rester plus de six mois dans le même logement" ..."les habitudes astrales de ses quatre meubles poussent leur propriétaire à jouer le rôle du juif errant des logements" (op.cit.page 117).

Pour une amère conclusion formulée par nous-mêmes : Nous sommes tous malheureusement des locataires et instruments des riches juifs.

écrit par Dionysos ANDRONIS




de Guillaume FAYE
éditions Tatamis, 2015, pp.326

Cette étude de notre politicien préféré Guillaume Faye de la "Nouvelle Droite" des années 80 commence avec particularité frappante : les paragraphes ne sont pas divisées normalement.

Et puis le terme "coran" est mal ortographié depuis les premières pages.

Pour mettre en avant notre qualificatif "anti-sioniste"j'ajoute aussi que Jean Robin, l'éditeur Tatamis, est juif de confession.

Au début je croyais que ça va nuire au niveau de l'ouvrage mais, au contraire, cette étude est très universitaire.

Faye touche à la racine son sujet dès le début en faisant référence historique au parti Baas qui a servi de modèle pour l'instauration de l'état islamique aujourd'hui.

François Duprat avait écrit une étude sur le même parti et ce n'est pas du tout par hasard qu'il a été tué par le Mossad en 1978.

Parce que "l'islam exprime cette mentalité originelle douée d'une puissante force d'acculturation" (op.cit.page 56). "Car l'humanité ne ressemble pas à la vision unificatrice et totalitaire de l'islam.

Elle est plurielle (op.cit.page 57). Et "les mouvements Hamas et Hezbollah ne sont pas nationalistes mais islamistes" (op.cit.page 121). "

Le silence d'un Mélenchon sur les exactions islamiques est très significatif" (op.cit.page 122).

Ce silence devient encore plus gènant et se transforme dans quelques cas particuliers en manipulation médiatique comme par exemple en 2004 avec l'assassinat de Theo Van Gogh.

Nous voulons corriger seulement (uniquement pour ce passage) qui affirme : Theo Van Gogh qui avait réalisé le fim "Soumission" avec la somalienne Ayaan Hirsi Ali a été égorgé par un musulman marocain" (op.cit.page 226).

Non Mr.Faye, Van Gogh a été égorgé par les services secrets hollandais AIVD.

Nous allons terminer avec une ancienne citation de Bossuet : "L'islam !

Cette religion monstrueuse a pour toute persuasion sa violence et sa tyrannie, pour tout miracle ses armes qui font trembler le monde et rétablissent par force l'empire de Satan dans tout l'univers" (op.cit.page 314).

Oui, c'est vrai et nous vivons aujourd'hui l'ère du "Prince des Tenèbres" mais sans aucune exagération cinématographique.

écrit par Dionysos ANDRONIS