Jun 3, 2008

Over the Top

This is a film of undecidable cult status. When you view this film, you are almost exorcised of most Hollywood standards and are completely baffled. After the success of Rambo and Rocky, Stallone attacked the "extreme sports" genre of the 80's and created Over the Top. Instead of racing, football, snowboarding, or mountain-climbing, he tackles the illustrious subject of arm wrestling.

As outrageous as this sounds, does it work? I must admit, the film gave me a run for my money. While having an incredible cheesy and incredibly queer side-story of getting his estranged son to love him and an evil family member trying to prevent this at all costs. Big explosions were eradicated from the script due to the formulaic plot of "arm wrestling" so instead, they just had several car crashes and called it even.

Lincoln Hawk is a bad enough dude. He arm wrestles at dirty rural bars and drives trucks. This lifestyle is known for being rough and tough and is even presented this way in children's cartoons (Spongebob Squarepants) After enduring gripping workouts using a sophisticated weight set in the middle of this "cockpit", he has become the "best of the best" Only way to prove this is by entering the world tournament.

Over the Top is the name and it stays pretty close to that. Whether he turns his hat like a similar Ash Ketchum from Pokemon or gets his whiny son into arm wrestling young punks hanging out in an arcade, Stallone goes along with the ride. This Italian Stallion refuses to be put down and in turn, has churned out some damn ridiculous movies in his lifetime, and for that, I thank him.

(Somehow, this action play set does not excite the inner child in me)

American rock music decorates this melodramatic silly little film. I couldn't find anything to distinguish this from the piles of cult trash that Stallone acts in. Some refuse to like Stallone, but for that matter, I refuse to enjoy Bruce Campbell's on screen presence. The same can be said about both men. Both are way past their prime, but at least Stallone is still kicking ass and not writing books dictating his love for Richard Gere.

Over the Top isn't by any means a classic, but if you feel like watching a film that screams Steppenwolf's Born to be Wild, then you will never go wrong with this choice. I'll say it once and I will say it again; Stallone is like a foreign delicacy. I will guarantee a climax that isn't really worth mentioning any time soon. It's film like this where I wish the adults would man up and punch their children in the face.


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Lord of Filth said...

Fun movie that I remember catching at the theatre!