Jun 13, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

Regardless of what other reviewers have to say, that is entirely their opinion and I respect that, but after seeing this film, I must say that most of their gripes are wrong. After seeing Iron Man in theaters, I must admit I was blown away. The sheer gimmicky comic feel it had was enough to have me jumping in my seat. Hell, the local homeless man bought a $500 dollar gift card (True Story) just so he could return to every showing. There is no doubt that Marvel Studios had created something beautiful which could have been disastrous.

When the dust settled from the release of Oscar-winner Ang Lee's visioning of the comic, people realized how much that movie sucked. Some of us were a little late on that train, but in the end, no one was happy with it. 5 years later, Marvel is back with a reenactment of a visioning. This time, It stars Edward Norton, and that was all you had to say. Women flock to the actor. Hell, he even made skinheads sexy. So how does this fare after reading several horrible reviews?

It kicked hard ass. The idea opens up with a collage of images showing the incident, his escape, and his pain. This sequence saves us from what could have been a 30 - 40 minute plot point scene. Already on the right track. The Incredible Hulk is one of those purely action-packed films where I can't and won't give rid of the surprises that await for any comic book fan. Familiar faces and names such as Tony Stark, Nick Fury, Lou Ferrigno, and Samuel Stern appear, paving way for a beautiful sequel which we all know will be amazing.

Louis Leterrier is a director that some of us can appreciate. He has given us The Transporter (Which was great) and a shoddy sequel to The Transporter as well as a useless kung-fu crime film (Unleashed) This is a return to his action roots. The final battle might be the most satisfying clashing of titans ever to grace to big screen. The said films with titles such as VS. (Alien VS. Predator / Freddy VS. Jason) do not deserve such a title. This film is all about humiliation and revenge on Blonsky's part.

Expect some somber scenes with Norton which explains his anguish and lack of human companionship. The acting as a whole is partially amazing. In the trailer, It showed Blonksy getting kicked and flying back in an incredibly fake way. I guess the director browses iMDB forums and updated this with an incredibly hilarious approach to breaking every bone in his body. I can imagine nit-picking on CGI, but not in this film. Everything looks stunning and fleshy.

The Incredible Hulk is a reboot that works in a big way. As Ty E put it himself, It's a commercial for another commercial. As in, a sequel machine that churns out comic film after film with tie-in's and cameo's galore! But isn't that what us comic book fans want? An Incredible film that captures destruction well with signature moves from the hit game The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. You shouldn't be disappointed.


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