Jun 8, 2008

Chichi Rangers

Japan; the wondrous land of the weird. Since the age of time, the Japs have been doing it "bizzaro" style. Whether it being bestiality, squid sex, and plain weirdness. Their off culture has inspired crazy street fashions and presented kooky fetishes to a mainstream audience. With the cartoon intensity of a Peelander-Z concert, I introduce you to Chichi Rangers, a super Sentai porno with Power Ranger influences.

Most fans of Dragonball Z will now that Chi Chi is Japanese for breasts. Staying faithful to the name, this trio of crime and sex fighters have removable Styrofoam bras in which are removed in the sex scenes. The film opens up with archived footage feature the stereotyped "goofy Asian" face superimposed over a face. If the Japanese can't take their art seriously, why should I?

The film is supposedly a mini-series of sorts, perhaps a collection of three episodes. A Japanese male rapes another male while jumping up and down while making bizarre animal calls. A woman is kidnapped by monochromatic ninjas. She is taken to a warehouse and is then forced to suck off all the disgusting henchmen. A Chichi Ranger who serves as a prostitute follows her and in a confusing twist, ends up jerking off the rest while the crying girl takes pride and helps finish them off.

The characters don't seem to make sense and the monsters are wacky and inventive. Even though it is lacks subtitles and is in a different language, the majority of dialogue comes from the grandmaster villain. Chichi Rangers is rarely erotic and due to the censorship laws in Japan, it looks every time nudity is shown, that the women are actually fucking/sucking a Space Invader. Pixels might be the true key to the ultimate orgasm. Female masturbation may be considered a myth, but the hilarity of these is not.



Fox said...

You mentioned "squid sex", and it made me think of *Uncle's Paradise*.

Have you seen this? I was only able to see it b/c I went to a festival last year that specialized in the weird, fantastical, and perverse. Anyway, there is no actual sex with a squid, but there is some sitting in a vat of squid ink in an attempt to make the protagonist stay awake so he won't fall asleep and masturbate himself to death.

The guy who introduced it said it was part of Japan's "Pink Movie" phenomenon, and that's what *Chichi Rangers* sounds like to me.

Soiled Sinema said...

No, I haven't heard of such a film, but I do have a film I intend on viewing soon called Hokusai manga AKA Edo Porn, which appears to be a bizarre biopic on a similar topic of squids.