Jun 27, 2008

Charles Manson Superstar

Charles Manson Superstar is a documentary about American icon Charles Manson and his legacy that was established by the media that martyred the would be Christ. Director Nikolas Schreck visited Manson in 1989 at San Quentin prison in Death Valley to do the hypnotically insightful yet hilarious documentary. Charles Manson, a man that was essentially raised in prison, became the drug messiah of a bunch of rich kids turned pseudo-Occultists who murdered some Hollywood types(including Roman Polanski’s pregnant wife Sharon Tate), resulting in a media money making frenzy. In the documentary, Schreck attempts to decipher the real Charles Manson through serious analytically established evidence(against myths) and words from the little Manson’s mouth.

Manson declares that “Christ was a little guy” and with that, it is easy to see the man’s own self established megalomania that inspires weak willed teenagers to this very day. At best, Manson is an illiterate intellectual poet that has become a messiah of his own prison cell. Charlie Manson has managed to survive basically his whole life and for that he should be commended. In former jail mates book Manson in his Own Words Manson explains his pathetic life without any real sentiment. Charlie Manson makes it clear that from the very beginning it has only been about survival.

Charles Manson Superstar also features Manson talking about many of his own personal philosophies. Manson considers himself essentially a white nationalist and anti-feminist. These are things that media Zio-Clown’s like Geraldo Rivera jump on Manson for immediately. Having a swastika engraved in your forehead also doesn’t really help. With “the family” Manson also had plans of starting his own “Afrikakorps” inspired by German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel(who was supposedly involved in the conspiracy to assassinate Adolf Hitler). Charles Manson expected a race war to erupt and an apocalyptic scenario to take place. We will just have to wait and see if the Race War and Apocalypse happens.

Rommel and his Men

Charles Manson has inspired a variety of diverse groups with his acts. The lame terrorist hippie “Weather Underground” and various Nazi groups were inspired by Manson. To these groups of disenfranchised individuals, Manson attacked the system and won. Charles Manson laughs at both groups. Charlie also makes claims that the outside world steals it’s culture from the prison world. Manson even acknowledges his deep respect for Adolf Hitler as Manson describes Hitler as someone “trying to put order back in the world.”

Charles Manson Superstar also notes a variety of a books and films influenced by Manson. I Drink Your Blood, Helter Skelter, and Manson Family Videos are just a few films about the “hippie killer.” Charles Manson Superstar is probably one of the most enlightening films on Manson as the other films are for the most part merely mythical presentations of the lonely man. In the documentary, Charles Manson’s behavior ranges from nonsensical to intimidating (he starts baiting the camera man), to pathetic. I recommend Charles Manson Superstar to anyone that is looking for a good unconventional laugh and a more realistic view of the most “dangerous man” of the late 1960s.

-Ty E

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