Jun 7, 2008

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

“History is about to be rewritten by two guys who can’t spell” is an appropriate tagline to American sci-fi fiction comedy Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I believe this because contemporary history that is taught at even the graduate level is absurd (i.e. recycled trash pseudo history books about the evils of honkies). Whether it be the liberal fantasy that the Civil War was fought to free the slaves (over 40,000 Blacks fought in the Confederate armed forces and some blacks owned black slaves of their own) or that the Soviet Union liberated Eastern Europe in the second world war, history is now seen through the lenses of irrational neo-Bolsheviks bent on focusing on out of context emotionally sensitive issues rather than logic and reason. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure completely exploits a variety of historical figures (many horrible individuals) as subversive heroes.

Many of the historical figures found in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure are notorious for their rebellious behavior and destruction of western European “constructs.” The big trend in academia nowadays (and since the degenerate late 1960s) is to bash anything that came out of Western Civilization. All things in the past (and now) considered failed, persecuted, disenfranchised, disadvantaged, and a variety of other things associated with weakness are now considered virtuous. Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand calls this irrational trend promoted and funded by international bankers, “The Age of Envy.” So how do Bill & Ted fit into this equation? These two young slackers carry the torch of pathetic white (despite their obvious Asiatic features) liberalism and altruism. Individuals that believe that good music and good drugs will bring forth the ideal Utopia.

For Bill & Ted, working and thinking are quite bogus activities (as they are for most white slackers). Instead of actually studying for their oral presentation, it is easier just to travel back in time and pick-up historical figures. Bill & Ted’s band the Wyld Stallyns are said to hold the key to world peace and ultimate truth. When the two impotent young men travel to the future, they realize the truth of their great contribution to the world. But the reality is, the sex and drugs peace movement of the late 1960’s (and there after) contributed most to the hedonistic degeneracy we take for granted today. Of course, I would be a liar if I didn’t admit that I partake in such activities. Pacifism, tolerance, Kantian anti-reason, drug use, and “Rock N Roll” are in fact weaknesses. No great society has ever been built upon weakness. Hence, the chaos and trash so commonly accepted in today’s society. “Humanistic” idealism is easy to follow when it only requires chanting stuff like “peace” while stoned on your favorite herb.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
is the ultimate Sci-Fi flick because it portrays weak, lazy, stoned, and dumbfounded whites as the liberators of humanity. Obviously I can’t blame the filmmakers for their daft message. On the contrary, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure provides comedic escapism from the true consequences of “Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Rock.” The sight of revolutionary and mass murderer Napoleon Bonaparte having fun at a water park with young children will without a doubt bring a smile to anyone’s face. Not to mention the cute sexual perversion of Sigmund Freud and his obsession with psychoanalyzing young women. Figures like these are considered the greatest heroes of history. Individuals that subverted and destroyed the old institution only to bring sorrow to mankind.

The message of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is clear; promote bullshit anti-Western civilization idealism and you will be a success. Unfortunately, most of the real Bill and Ted’s in the world most likely end up sleeping on a mattress in their best friends trailer. Hollywood has released a lot of propaganda period pieces that have the stench of Bolshevik (the real Bolsheviks attempted to destroy all of Russian history) lies all over them. At least Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure lets the viewer know it is historical fantasy.

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

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jervaise brooke hamster said...

The bird who played "Joan Of Arc" (Jane Wiedlin) was quite tasty (although it was surprising and rather irritating to find out that she was 28 at the time of principal photography, i thought she was only about 22). I wonder if Alex Winter was lucky enough to get his knob up her bum during filming?. By the way, this is another one of those movies that puts the cat amongst the pidgeons for me with regards to Heather because principal photography took place in early `87 when Heather still had almost a year to live but it wasn`t released for another two full years until early `89 by which time heather had been gone for over a year, thats why its an awkward one for me because it straddles that entire 2 year period that constituted the last year of Heathers life and the first year without her so when i watch it i just try to completely forget about the early `89 release date and instead just concentrate wholly and completely on early `87 when filming was actually taking place then its like Heather is completely alive again for the entire running time of the movie. In fact (and dont tell anyone i told you this) i sometimes have this nice cosy little fantasy where-by i imagine that the producers of the movie actually arranged a secret and exclusive preveiw for Heather on December 27th 1987 (Heathers 12th birthday and a full 14 months before the films actual release), Heather would have probably loved this movie and the idea that she might have seen it before she died helps me to really believe that she might still be alive every time i watch it.