Jun 5, 2008

Above the Below

Above the Below is a documentary directed by Harmony Korine on street magician David Blaine. In this somewhat artistic documentary covered in Korine’s auteur signatures, Blaine starved himself for 44 days while being suspended from a 30 foot Plexiglas case. The documentary features the street magician talking about his reason for the huge stunt and a few small magic tricks. Blaine is quite the character so it is no surprise that Harmony Korine acted as director for Above the Below. The two Neo-Vaudevillian showmen also happen to be good friends.

David Blaine decides that taking blows from an eager and muscular black man is a magic trick worthy of Above the Below. This scene reminded me of Korine’s own aborted American comedy feature Fight where Korine would start fights with large individuals and get his ass kicked. Unfortunately for Korine (and fans like me), the beatings were so brutal that he couldn’t finish the film. David Blaine takes his blows to the stomach like a man. The shirtless black man seemed infuriated by Blaine accepting such blows and still being able to standup afterwards.

Mr. Blaine also founnd himself in the company of a group of silicone implanted naked women. A segment of the Above the Below that really has nothing to do with magic but compliments the fluidity of the documentary as a whole. I also thought I would never see the day that Harmony Korine would shoot an image that looked like it came out of trashy rap video. I guess David Blaine also would like to play the role of a pimp.

Above the Below features a few sequences that once again demonstrate Harmony Korine’s obsession with the aesthetically abnormal. A few of the scenes feature some odd looking English people starring at the camera in ways that were also prevalent in Korine’s Gummo. I truly believe that Harmony Korine has an admiration for these people as Korine seems to be a lost soul. These type of individuals would be very appealing to a lost soul.

David Blaine is an interesting character thus warranting Above the Below as a documentary worthy of viewing by fans of Harmony Korine. David Blaine has been called a modern Harry Houdini and it is true the man is a dangerous showman. After Blaine emerges from the Plexiglas case after 44 days, he breaks down emotionally and states, "I love you all!" Whether Blaine is a madman or just passionate about his profession(I suspect both), he's quite the character.

-Ty E

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jervaise brooke hamster said...

In the picture of the gorgeous naked chicks could you digitally mask Blaine out of the image because i cant jerk-off to it while that silly bastard is still in the shot.