May 24, 2008

This Is How The World Ends

Not so much a film about the apocalypse as Araki's previous effort Nowhere was, This Is How The World Ends was a TV Pilot episode for a series that was to be presented on MTV. I guess that the fine folks at MTV underestimated the power of Araki's homosexual film style. That might explain the corporations idea to promise 1.5 million but only deliver 700,000 dollars.

The various countercultures presented in this short (44 minutes) are all various familiar instances in his normal feature length films. If for one second you were worried about censorship, you can honestly breathe a deep sigh of relief. Using blurred bars and family-safe words works wonders when Araki uses them. Maybe he should teach a thing or two to the pansy producers of Live Free or Die Hard or the upcoming Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins.

Casper is an unnamed character living the big life. His gas money consists of crisp hundreds and he has friends of all shapes and sizes. His love appears in his dreams similar to a pseudo-Nowhere James Duval masturbation fantasy.

Justin Pierce plays Zombie, a dread locked narcoleptic who finds himself in ridiculous situations. 2 years after the pilot, Pierce hung himself in a Las Vegas hotel. You will know Pierce from his role as Casper in Kids. Funny how the name Casper is shared in this film.

Araki labeled TIHTWE as "A Twin Peaks for MTV" I cannot agree with this statement anymore. Dancing midget Sugar-Ray fans turn into gun wielding robbers. Things that aren't, are. A youthful acid trip for the new generation. I would like to imagine this series getting green lighted, but somehow, I think that it just passes over MTV's head. Pure genius is always denied. A grandeur exercise in post-homosexual surrealism. You won't forget these characters anytime soon.


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