May 28, 2008

A Sore for Sighted Eyes

Imagine if you will, a collection of dirty 80's and 90's vignettes, fused into each other flawlessly. Synced to match the theme and beat of various musical performances. TV Carnage has created another goldmine out of stale clips that make us realize how superficial humanity can be at times; A video mixtape for the non-believers.

Race relations and political dismay are featured in glowing Technicolor. If i have to applaud one thing, be it accidental or not, It would be for making Negroes look cancerous to our society. The lavish scenes showing rap music's effect on cultures, politics, and even religion can be of a shock. Barbie dolls turned urban called Flava's are just asking us to raise our children to be sluts and have an "attitude" This particular scene switches into a horrendous rap project by the Chicago Bear's very own Mike Ditka.

"Hail Satan!"

Colin Powell presents himself in a crown and dancing amongst a stage, rapping about some odd things. Richard Simmons is the commentator for obesity and the gateway for heaven. Just as Little Nicky demonstrated with a Chicago record; You can pull an amazingly creepy effect from anything. The editing is amazing and grounds many tactics to heighten the comedy in the scenes. In instance, John Ritter cries while watching a retarded Rosie O'Donnell on a bus.

Whether you laugh at Garth Brooks cheering on a tumbling retard at a track race or have an affinity for alcoholic robots, This collection can either be treated as a hilarious tour throughout bizzare culture or a dangerous tool aiding a racial Armageddon. And Romero thinks his film has commentary? Don't make me laugh.


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jervaise brooke hamster said...

the man in red looks like a pansy.