May 7, 2008


Sodomites is a seven minute long short film directed by Gaspar Noé to promote condom wearing during sexual acts. As the title implies, the short features a spectators show of sodomy. A group of S & M biker types watch as a muscular man in a wolf mask delivers a series of anal blows to an anticipating leather clad vamp. The two sodomites are cheered on by their excited audience and comrades.

Some of these individuals are so excited that they begin pleasuring themselves. This even includes an old man with a disgusting chode. After the orgasmic conclusion of the forbidden sex act, the groups leader has a woman inspect the condom for semen. When the condom is found out to have worked, the group of vicious perverts cheers.

During the sex act, a PCP fueled editing montage occurs showing a variety of sexual deviants satisfying their own needs. This sequence is typical of Gaspar Noé as he seems obsessed with trying to make his audience sick with his films (by way of both aesthetic and technique). The difference with Sodomites is that he seems to be doing it for comedic purposes. I couldn’t help to think about Gaspar Noé laughing behind the camera.

Apparently Sodomites was funded by the socialist French government. No wonder France is falling apart and resembling a third world country. Noé has always had a niche for exposing the underbelly of France. The French government funded Sodomites brings the degeneracy of France wide out in the open.

-Ty E

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jervaise brooke hamster said...

France is indeed a pile of shit but its still a bar of gold in comparison to the pure trash of Britain. By the way, heterosexual buggery is the greatest thing in known universe. DEATH TO ALL PANSY QUEER BASTARDS AND ALL BRITISH FILTH.