May 14, 2008

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue (1980) is an unofficial sequel of sorts to the hippie road flick Easy Rider (1969). Like Easy Rider, Out of the Blue was directed by and stars Dennis Hopper. Contemporary auteur Harmony Korine (Gummo, Julien Donkey-Boy) has stated that Out of the Blue is one of his top ten favorite films of all time. Out of the Blue Star Linda Manz would go on to play a role in Korine’s directorial debut Gummo (1998). I am not lying when I say that Out of the Blue is one of the most depressing American films that I have ever seen. A film that captures the results of drug fueled idiocy and its detrimental effects on the American nuclear family.

The subversive invention of “Rock N Roll” threw the teenagers of the United States into a rage of rebellion. Elvis Presley (who is described as the first "Punk" in Out of The Blue) was the first subject utilized by the evil producers in the record industry. Of course, Elvis wasn’t the only subversive element utilized by the entertainment industry. Films like The Wild One starring Marlon Brando inspired American teenagers to rebel and practice criminal behavior. In Out of the Blue, an old picture of Dennis Hopper’s character can be seen sporting a hat similar to the one Brando wore in The Wild One. Out of the Blue is a film that essentially blames the collapse of the American nuclear family on subversive elements that were being churned out of the entertainment industries deepest and darkest lair.

The young girl (played by Linda Manz) is a dedicated punk rocker. She bangs hard on her drum set and takes no shit from anyone. Her mother is a heroin addict who has screwed every man in town. The girl’s father was put in jail for crashing a giant freight truck into a school bus full of elementary school children while he was drunk. The young girl knows she’s on her own and even goes on her own trip. A trip that results in drug use, seeing her favorite local punk band, and driving around a bunch of groupies that are flashing their tits.

Throughout Out of the Blue, Neil Young’s haunting song My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) is heard. The song is also a tribute to Elvis and Punk Rock. The song perfectly compliments the overall dramatic and tragic tone of the film. The young girl lets everyone know she is a fan of the pathetic yet charismatic Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols. During the “explosive” conclusion of Out of the Blue, the young girl’s obsession with Mr. Vicious becomes apparent. Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain also decided “it’s better to burnout than fade away” as noted on his suicide note.

Out of the Blue shows the decades later result of many of the hippie types that were featured in Easy Rider. No one is going to be a success (or even functioning) when they live the life of a drug addict. Dennis Hopper’s character in Out of the Blue is a drug addict child killer who decides he wants to offer his daughters virginity to his drinking buddy. An individual so pathetic that death is the only option for ending his miserable existence. Unsurprisingly, Dennis Hopper seems very suited for the role as is track record has proven over the years.

The entertainment industry’s subversive attacks on America is not something new and unknown. One thing that the media neglects to mention is the horrible effects “rock and roll” has had on rural America. City fags weren’t the only ones to be introduced to the pathetic world of drug addiction. People in rural areas watched the same TV shows and heard the same songs on the radio. I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers of the entertainment industry are related to the people pushing drugs in rural America.

Dennis Hopper taking a chug from the bottle

Out of the Blue
is an unrecognized masterpiece and one of the most important American films ever. Linda Manz and Dennis Hopper give extraordinary performances as realistic (sadly) people. Individuals that you might expect to know if you live in a rural area. The entertainment industry and media is mockingly hateful of people from rural areas for a reason. They condemn that which they destroy.

-Ty E

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jervaise brooke hamster said...

Ah...we`re back to that sexy chick Linda again (the one whose surname i cant say because of my murderous homo-phobia) i always used to fancy that bird (i know she was an ugly slag but i still used to fancy her). By the way, the final scene of "out of the blue" is still one of the most loathsome, odious, and nauseating that i`ve ever witnessed.