May 19, 2008

Night of the Hell Hamsters

Hamsters are rather cute cuddly creatures that fill their cheeks with various nuts and fruits. Only this time, they seek blood from teenager invaders of their spectral realm. Paul Campion is the director of the glorious gem from New Zealand. While he might have borrowed the insatiable appetite of gore from his fellow native Peter Jackson, that is about the only relation in film that this short carries.

(Frank, eat your heart out)

When Nature Attacks is always a brilliant genre to make a film on. You save on most production expenses and you don't need to milk a brilliant script to get the idea of entertainment across. Night of the Hell Hamsters, just like Child's Play before it, takes great pride in delivering something playful in a demonic package with massive bloodshed.

The babysitter (Note the ode to the pastel colored generation of ultraviolence) convinces her cowardly boyfriend to participate in a mock Ouija board "round" and in doing so, revives a demonic spirit named Spoz Gar (Ghostbusters which reanimates the tenant's furry companions into wide eyed harbingers of doom. With a New Zealand style of humor, this short invokes chuckles and gives a cricket bat another use as seen in Shaun of the Dead.

(Only a wee bit more terrifying)

Night of the Hell Hamsters is a bloody brilliant 15 minute short that will leave you clawing for more. Instead of featuring the casual "male friend causes apocalypse and heroine cleans up after his mess" plot line, this film gives some leeway to the feminist-charged film of today. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to a possible sequel. Perhaps Paul Campion and R.L. Stine could collaborate to bring Monster Blood II to the big screen.


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jervaise brooke hamster said...

if you take the letter "s" off of the end of the word "hamsters" you are left with the word "hamster" which is of course my surname, pretty cool huh.