May 1, 2008

Iron Man

Every comic book film has a serious flaw. This is a common fact amongst every adaptation of comic to film. The main problem lies within the source material focusing on being outlandish and bringing us into a fantastical world of a crime free zone and a patriot fighting for our cause, even if he is doing so being politically blind. Iron Man is a different kind of film.

Whether praising his dad for helping kill Nazi's or womanizing reporters for Vanity Fair, Tony Stark is a bachelor of every sense of the word; Rich, powerful, and sex-crazed. After being taken hostage by a rebel faction in the middle-east content on being a high power, Stark decides to build a suit capable of not only ultimate destruction, but ultimate crime fighting. Not so much crime fighting, but more of a global reach.

When i saw that Stark could not live without a arch-reactor built into his chest, I felt sickened. I appreciated his life so much more than i have many characters. This moment signified that monogamy could be his only choice. He was officially a mutant. For being a PG-13 film, It had some incredible violence such as Terrorism, operations, weird abstract holes in chests, and tubes sickeningly being removed from noses.

Iron Man fixes the key problem by casting the perfect character and fitting the mold. It lives up to the hype and promises every little detail to fit the comic. In X-Men, we all had problems with the characters, whether it be Cyclops's sissy actor or Wolverine's lack of sever facial hair or signature costume. In Iron Man, we all agree Stark is a douche bag. In fact, we revel in the fact that he is an asshole. This allows for a metamorphosis of the soul. He realizes his flaws and evolves into an amazing creature with a hilarious personality.

Iron Man's themes are mainly political, stretching from scenes declaring the importance of weapons just like this years Rambo did. In fact, what is peace without war? As Stark's father apparently said, He who is peaceful is the one with the bigger stick. All is true in the sadistic games of war. Iron Man did a much better job of political propaganda than Captain America did. All i can remember Captain "Sam" doing was rescuing children.

Their representation of a "middle-easterner" was incredible; incredibly false. I love how these "American" blockbusters bill the "Taliban" as being dirty fools with beards who do not know how to fire a gun. Every Arabian fool in this film just sprayed bullets everywhere and were depicted as cowards without loyalty. This even goes against their way of life. Surprisingly, these "dirty sand mongrel" manage to salvage most of his prototype in an attempt to rebuild it.

The action in the film is incredible and so is the product placement. Due to the Burger King deal with kids toys, after Stark is freed from captivity due to his amazing prototype suit, he wants nothing more than the symbolization of America; fast food. After dealing with a press conference in which he gobbles down delicious "AMERICAN" cheeseburgers (Because there is no other), he reveals he no longer wants to be an angel of death.

If you are one of two things:

A) Comic Book fan
B) Super Hero fan

If you agreed to one of more of these choices, you will absolutely love this movie. There is a lot of character development so don't expect too much of an epic final battle, but due to realist issues in the film, It cannot exceed more than his power limit could. Whether Robert Downey Jr. is being a cokehead in his free time or playing some Noir-ish detective, he will always be Iron Man. This role was made for him; built for him. Holy shit, I cannot wait for a sequel. Fanboys, Beware. Stay after the credits for a comic surprise.



The Rub said...

It pretty much kicked ass. Nuff said.

Soiled Sinema said...

Oh fuck yeah it did.
I look forward to reading your review on it